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Remy Fawzil is a character who appears in Flower, Sun, and Rain. She is a federal investigator and member of the Heinous Crimes Unit.

Appearance and Personality[edit]



Remy is one of the Eleven Children who grew up under Eleki Island. After the incident, she lost her memory of it occurring. She received a doctorate in advanced mathematics. At some point she joined the Heinous Crimes Unit to learn the truth behind her birth. She became part of the investigation into the trafficking of children for the Euro Maspro project, and tracking down the terrorist Sundance Shot.

Flower, Sun, and Rain[edit]

In Request 12: I Got Rhythm, Remy arrives on Lospass Island with her partner Yoshimitsu Koshimizu to investigate the terrorist attacks and the death of Sumio Mondo. She has a suspicion that the case actually goes deeper than it appears. Upon arrival she notices Step Sding fleeing with Catherine, but dismisses him as a petty thief. After the pair meet with Edo Macalister, Step becomes a suspect. She remains behind at the hotel while Koshimizu follows Step. Edo tells her that Step had just returned from France. She is contacted by French authorities, who inform her that the Step on Lospass Island is not Step, and is actually a living bomb. She informs Koshimizu just in time for him to escape the explosion.

In Request 13: La fille aux cheveux de lin, she contacts Koshimizu with the discovery that Lospass Island is Euro Maspro's base of operations, and decides to pursue them. She meets Mati Sding, who she informs about the death of the fake Step. Mati recognizes Remy as one of the Eleven Children and tells her to head to Eleki Island. Upon arriving at Eleki Island, she discovers the drawers full of stock bodies kept in the structure underneath. After finding one of her own bodies, she remembers her own past on the island. She escapes as the facility explodes.

In Request 14: Träumerei, she meets the newly revived Mondo outside of the hotel. She informs him of his status as the savior of the island, and attempts to make him remember his past as one of the Eleven Children, but he brushes her off. She tells him to find Koshimizu at the Spice Shop to retrieve Catherine.

In Request 18: An American in Paris, Remy and Koshimizu stop Sundance from boarding the plane disguised as Mondo. Toriko Kusabi appears and tells him that the savior, a friend of her father, would be there soon to release him. Mondo arrives and verifies his own identity, which causes Sundance to unmask himself and concede. He reveals to Mondo that he is one of sixteen Sumio Mondos who lived out the previous days on Lospass Island, whose memories have now become part of Sumio Kodai. He instructs him to impart their memories to the final seed, Step Sding. Remy and Koshimizu are confused by this, but allow Mondo to escape while they keep the other bodies captive. Her fate is not shown after this, but it can be assumed that she survived along with Koshimizu.

Official profiles[edit]

Became an investigator in order to uncover the truth of her birth.
Occupation: Federation Investigator
Place of Birth: Federation of Micronesia



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