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Report*1:YUME is the first report of the Placebo story of The Silver Case, and the overall third chapter of the game. This is where the story of Tokio Morishima begins, and is the first case of the game to be written by Masahi Ooka, the writer for this and every subsequent Placebo chapter.


Yume is the introductory report that follows along the path of Morishima as he unravels his side of the mystery hidden within the 24th Ward and the ongoing "Kamui Case" investigation. It introduces the player to Morishima himself along with his cast of reoccurring characters, and gives the player an idea of how the rest of the story will play out as Morishima goes about his daily life, shirking work and making somewhat idle conversation to further his reports while he himself loses a grasp on his sanity.


Tuesday, April 6th, 1999, Around 12PM

Morishima is driving down the road in his car during midday, and begins to introduce himself and his role to the player, almost as if he is submitting a report of some kind. He keeps the story brief, telling the viewer to "keep their pants on" before arriving at his apartment at the Typhoon apartment complex, the same as that featured in case#2:Spectrum. He lament's his time spent at his old job, a police reporter at a news agency, and the amount of work that he'll have to do for the new Kamui Case. We are shown Morishima's Room, a seemingly one-room apartment with basic utilities and a pool table for a computer desk. Morishima moves to the computer where he reads his email (this is where the player is introduced on how to navigate his computer, which is typically automatic), and he gets an email from a former acquaintance named Shige. The email says that Shige is looking forward to making a fresh start in the new millennium and asks to be paid back a friendly loan he gave Morishima of 50,000¥. Morishima responds saying that 2001 is the true start of the millennium, but reveals in an aside that he has no intention to pay him back. He opens his e-journal, the Morishima Memo, and says that he can't pay because he's essentially broke until he gets paid by the Kamui Case, in which he may pay back his debt. We are then introduced to his pet red-eared slider turtle Red, who has been partnering with him for just over two years. He also goes on to brag about his Italian furniture and the few items in his home, such as his landline phone, before looking out at the park behind his apartment from his room window. He takes a quick smoke of a Placebo cigarette and allows some time to pass, likely falling asleep soon after.

April 7th, 1999, Wednesday, 3:37PM

Morishima informs his pal Red that he took the job from his old jerk of a boss S. Inohana, before sitting down at his computer and opening a Morishima Memo. In his memo he reflects on how he had searched for Kamui, but generally only stumbled upon false information, and that he has been steadily growing in popularity as a serial killer amongst 24th Ward citizens. He decides to do some more research.

April 8th, 1999, Thursday, 5:38AM

Though he searched all night, Morishima didn't get much info, supposedly because it's being hidden by some kind of higher power, likely that power developing information control mentioned in case#0:lunatics. He looks for someone from the security force that was in Lunatics, but ultimately also finds nothing. He checks his email and reads Today's Word, a daily email service giving small quotes and philosophical information, and Weekly Lovers, a email series on "The amazing world of carnivorous plants." This week was on the winged nepenthes, a lovely tropical pitcher plant. He notices the time as 5:40 am and goes to call his previous colleague Erika Yukawa, saying that it would be worthwhile to use her for info and as a shield against any accusations of illicit sources. After he asks for information on the Kamui Case, Yukawa abruptly hangs up the call, much to the chargrin of Morishima. He writes in his memo about how she still works at his old agency before eventually falling asleep.


The doorbell rings, awakening Morishima, who is quite unamused about the situation. He does not answer the door. He instead moves to his computer and checks his email, reading two from Yukawa one of which chews him out for treating her like a "cheap woman" for calling so abruptly after no contact, and another on how he should contact Tetsugoro Kusabi at the Heinous Crimes Unit, before giving a small positive message that she still reads his articles in magazines when she gets her hair done.

He gets an email from DNNet as well, saying that there was a failure to pass a law between three differing countries, and that the Chief Cabinet Secretary Kitajima says that the government is "undertaking the necessary emergency preperations" to deal with Kamui. There is also a warning about an e-mail spread virus called Dream1999.exe that activates if run on a computer and will be sent out in any outgoing email. Morishima reads the Daily Word, speaks to Red about contacting Kusabi, commenting on how odd te name is, and pulls out a few old agency cards. He is soon back at home typing into a Morishima Memo before we transition to his journey.

Precinct 24, 3:34PM

Morishima converses with Kusabi, who doubts his affiliation with any agency because of his disheveled looks, and refused much info. Morishima is not discouraged and saw this as a good outcome, saying that he has more of a "premonition" than a hunch that Kusabi may need his card in the future despite Kusabi's initial misgivings on taking it from him.

Morishima's Room, 8:27PM

Tokio sends a report email to S. Inohana about how no one seems to know very much about Kamui, even though he admits to himself that that isn't true, and that Inohana must wait for more information as he'll try again soon, trying not to upset his client.

Morishima's Room, April 9th, Friday, 1999, 12:21PM

Morishima reads an email from Inohana saying that there'll be contact with a man named Kaiji Enzawa at 4 pm at Hachisukacho, Block 2 at a café named Prussian. The man will be holding a job-hunting paper. Morishima responds by calling him impatient, and then reads Today's Word.

En Route, 2:49PM Morishima makes his move and heads over to Prussian.

Tea Room Prussian, 4:11PM Morishima arrives late, but the man isn't there. He decides to order a drink and chain smoke until he arrives, refusing to indulge in alcohol this early. The man arrives and looks generally out of place, sitting in front of Morishima. He looks like just a regular businessman in his fifties. He "self-depricatingly" orders a coffee, and says that he saw Kamui himself walking a few blocks away from the Tea Room. When Morishima inquires on how Kamui looked, Enzawa tells him that "he was like a new moon," and that his murders hold a kind of "creative power" that can influence reality, like art. Morishima reprimands him for presenting murder this way, but Enzawa agrees that it shouldn't be the way that it is. After asking him if he was a Kamui believer, Morishima says "Fuck Kamui's believers" and shuts down the conversation. Reflecting on it, Morishima doubts Enzawa ever saw Kamui, and decides to go to Babylon Shopping Center to buy Red food.

April 10th, 1999, Saturday

Morishima checks his email and reads the Daily Word. He then opens his Morishima Memo, lamenting the fact that he witnessed the murder of a woman and was even more distraught at the sight of Kamui himself.

Industrial Way, Bluedahlia St., Jackhammer Bar, 10:24PM

The Bartender asks Morishima if he's had a breakup to which Morishima does not answer. The Bartender says that his typical advice for breakups is to purchase a knife, and then some scrap wood, maybe the size of a brick, and to start whittling. He brings up "creative power", and that statues may have been the first form of stress relief in humans. He says that maybe even God himself created us for this reason. Morishima calls the idea laughable, and the scene fades.

Morishima's Room, April 11th, 1999, Sunday, 2:42PM

Morishima wakes up groggy and goes over to the computer to check his email. He reads an email from DNNet, detailing the murder of the woman at Babylon Shopping Center, revealed to be Kei Nanami, in that she had her chest hollowed out with a sharp blade. According to the email, the seemingly empty Babylon was filled with people. Yukawa asks Morishima over email if he's alive, as he apparently entered a coma after encountering Kamui days before at Babylon, though Morishima seemingly does not remember this. Morishima reads Today's Word before reflecting on the fact that he cannot remember anything after Babylon before waking up this afternoon.

Precinct 24, 4:11PM

Morishima thanks Kusabi for his willingness to cooperate before some back and forth reveals that Kusabi has Kamui, and that Ayame Shimohira was the key to his arrest, as they were in a relationship. According to Kusabi, Kamui was her "atelier." Kusabi mentions wanting to let Morishima in on exclusive information, telling him to meet up with Akira, though Akira may not remember their encounter. Kusabi offhandedly mentions that he'll be vacationing to a hot spring with "his woman" and that Morishima shouldn't "sniff around too much like a dog." Morishima smokes a Placebo cigarette as an Akira flashes in the corner of the screen with his lightning sound effect as Morishima remembers him.

Morishima's Room, 5:57PM

Morishima debates trying to sell the story so far out around his client, but laughs it off as impossible, likely due to the current lack of information. He goes over the events leading up to his coma in his head chronologically, remembering that he was at Babylon.

En Route to Babylon, 6:41PM

Morishima reflects on the last time he was driving down this street to meet up with Enzawa.

Babylon Shopping Center, 7:18PM

Morishima arrives at the shopping center, trying to remember anything he can, going over how Kusabi says he met Akira. He then realizes as he goes to smoke a Placebo brand cigarette that he's lost his lighter, before a mysterious voice offers him a light. A woman appears, seemingly in Morishima's head, urging him to "JUST FUCKING REMEMBER". Morishima does remember. He remembers fire.

Morishima's Room, 9:09PM

Morishima wakes up, stating that he met with a woman, then with Akira. He tries to connect the dots on what happened that night, but he can't. He hears the woman's voice again, telling him that she was the one to light his cigarette after he lost it that night, and that she felt something similar to herself within him. She seemed to be crying out for help internally. She tells him that "it's already begun," that she "is already inside" him, and finally, that the past is alive. Morishima attempts to take things in order from that night, one step at a time. He got pet food, then felt fire. He was trying to smoke a Placebo cigarette. A woman lit it for him, and she wasn't the only voice he heard asking for help that night. She wasn't like other women, according to her, so she asked him for help. Morishima saw Akira when he came to. He had "residual thoughts" that were speaking to him. He saw the same ghost Akira did in the Decoyman case. She wasn't asking for Morishima's help. Kusabi later rescued Morishima as Yukawa told him. Morishima, now, lights a Placebo cigarette and concludes that he may or may not have been at Babylon, but that he definitely did not see Kamui in the flesh.


Morishima sense a simple email to Inohana, stating that Kamui was captured by the HCU but could not speak.

Midnight, 1:02AM

Morishima opens his memo, reflecting on how he now instinctively remembers what happened, and reflects on how Enzawa called Kamui a moon. To Morishima, Kamui was no moon, but a "swelling sunm a demon, a god." Morishima doesn't know how he got to be at that area of Babylon, but now fears Kamui. He swiftly emails Yukawa about Ayame, asking for information on her origin, and her "atelier."

April 12th, Monday, 10:45AM

Morishima checks his email. Inohana asked for immediate correspondence on what occurred at the Babylon Shopping Center. Yukawa emails back upset that Morishima never responded to her previous email, but does give him information on Studio Gladiolus, and informs him that Ayame was relatively well-known within underground art culture. She made odd digital content, but was regarded as simply the programmer, while Kamui was the real artist. She states that all underground types are talking about the news, and that she wants to speak to Morishima directly, but he gives no response, opting instead to simply read Today's Word.

Flower track, Studio Gladiolus, 3:38PM

Morishima simply reflects on how Ayame must have felt before she undertook all of what happened pertaining to the murders.

Morishima's Room, 9:06PM

Morishima opens a memo, and writes about how Ayame's place of origin was written over so many times that it was labeled "unknown" after learning of it from a tabloid writer on the scene, which was full of detectives after she was taken into custody. He didn't really understand the art that she and Kamui produced. He believes that the women he heard at Babylon must somehow be involved with Ayame, but can't determine how that would be, or who they were asking for help for and why. He only knows that Ayame herself was "beautiful." Morishima then emails Inohana, giving him the full scoop that he was at Babylon the night of the murder and that he saw a woman get killed, presumably by Ayame herself, and that Kmaui was arrested at their atelier. Morishima states that he is now interested in studying Ayame, and tells Inohana to get off his case and quit bothering him.

April 13th, Tuesday, 1999, 10:47AM

Morishima reads an email at his computer from DNNet detailing Kamui's arrest. The scene fades to a later time in which Morishima opens a memo and says that there was too much media at the HCU, but that he was able to see the director Nakategawa, who informs him that Akira is useless for information. Morishima is surprised to hear himself described as "a reporter Kusabi knows", and while in wait for more information on Ayame, he takes a break to read Today's Word and set up an appointment with Enzawa at the same cafe.

April 14th, Wednesday, 1999, 11:22AM

Morishima calls Enzawa and they decide to talk about Ayame, as Enzawa reveals he knows something. They agree to meet at Tea Room Prussian at 5pm, as Enzawa was already wanting to meet up with Morishima.

Tea Room Prussian, 5:13PM

Enzawa shows up wearing the same clothes as the last time he met Morishima. He tells him that Morishima is well known among the "freaks" surrounding Kamui after speaking his name, which was previously undisclosed to Enzawa, and that he has information pertaining to Ayame for the same reasons. Enzawa asks Morishima about Babylon, before telling him that Ayame is special. He says that "a man can only spread his seed, but a woman is able to choose a seed and raise it." He says that Ayame was created to be above Kamui, and that her womanhood is an important factor. Ayame is a "clever, cool, noble human being," not savage like Kamui, and that she only desired, not truly loved him. She hates his actions but wanted his child, while Kamui needed to impregnate as many women as possible to begin a new generation of his own, which Ayame tried to stop. She wanted to have an exlcusive lineage with him, but Kamui did not agree. Enzawa says that Ayame's blood is "the most virtuous in this world" and that she is perfect, and that the truth rests inside him, before brushing all of this as a joke, stating that Enzawa is their "neighbor." He presses on the subject until Morishima realizes that it is Ayame that killed those women, not Kamui.

Morishima's Room, 10:03PM Morishima opens a memo and types that Ayame had now been arrested, and that their were too many reporters to get inside the HCU precinct. He rang Kusabi and Nakategawa, but they gave nothing but conformation on the events. He himself did not actually see what went down at Babylon, but only caught up on it after. No one knows yet what truly happened. Morishima emails Inohana about the Ayame Case and tells him that she did it out of jealousy among his own speculations, but that he won't write about Babylon.

April 15th, Thursday, 1999, 1:54PM

Morishima reads an email from the DNNet that the Kamui Case killer was actually an ex-partner of Kamui's who was thought to have separated from him years ago. Yukawa emails Morishima asking to speak in the Scolba chat room at 2pm, to which he replies quickly and lights a Placebo cigarette. He opens a Morishima memo and says that while both Yukawa and his client Inohara want to speak, he does not have much to say, lamenting that he'd rather take Red and skip town. He emails Inohara saying that Ayame abducted Kamui, reenacted his killing methods, fooled everyone, and hid him, all out of jealousy for the women he slept with, pushed over the edge by her feelings for Kamui and the desire to have his child before offering his own theories. She became the same as Kamui, his copycat, and thought that Kamui was responsible for nothing. He then reads the Weekly Lovers about the Dionaea Musipula Ellis Droseracea family (Venus Flytrap), and Today's Word. He talks to Red about how he's getting fat and realizes it's chat time.

Chat Room, 2:07PM

Morishima meets Yukawa and they have some small back and forth about Ayame's origins and killings. Yukawa believes that there's more to her motivations, but Morishima remains oddly quiet, refusing information on the subject and on that of his current report. Yukawa tells him that she still kind of hates him, but would like to do business, and that they may work best together. Suddenly, the chat room is hacked by someone only identified as "????", who asks why he is interested in Kamui. The hacker tells Morishima that he saw Kamui that day, amplified him, and was filled with fear. He says that Kamui lives in the hearts of all people, amplified. He then text spams the word kill before leaving and unlocking the chat room.


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