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Report*2:HANA is the second Placebo report, and overall the fifth chapter of The Silver Case. The report provides more information on the case within the Typhoon Apartment Complex through Tokio Morishima, a resident of the complex.


HANA follows Morishima as he decides to take a detour on his Kamui investigation to follow the story of what happened within case#2:spectrum, as he begins to remember his encounter with Akira in case#1:decoyman, and eventually unlocks repressed memories of the event and the time the player themself did not witness Morishima's daily life as they typically do between Transmitter's time skips.


Morishima's Room, June 30th, 1999, Wednesday, 10:04AM

Morishima wakes up to a ring on his interphone (an intercom hooked up to his door, likely for a morning wakeup call), and says that he regrets having fixed it recently, before promptly lighting up a Placebo cigarette. He moves to his computer to make an entry in his Morishima Memo, saying that he went to the supply store and purchased rosewood, and has begun to feel nostalgic. He wants to make a paper knife out of the wood. Morishima makes time to read Today's Word and the Weekly Lovers. This week's Weekly Lovers was about the Sarracenia purpurea L. Pitcher Plant.

Bar Jackhammer, 9:09PM

Morishima informs the Bartender that he's making a paper knife, saying something about the effect of creating a knife from a knife. The Bartender says that that is good, as whittling is primitive thing, in a positive way. He then tells Morishima that he has "given up on women."

Morishima's Room, July 1st, 1999, Thursday, 10:56AM

The interphone goes off along with a knock at the door. Morishima smokes a Placebo cigarette and refuses to answer. Checking his computer, Morishima recieves mail from S. Inohana, asking him to report on Kamui's past and the current movements of the HCU, and that he will be "dealt with" should he fail to do so. Morishima curtly replis that he is still investigating, then read's Today's Word. Morishima then spots Akira from the window of his apartment, playing with Koichi in the park. In his Morishima Memo, he writes of the suicide, and comments on how odd it is that he first learned of the death at his apartment complex from his computer as he was out at the time. He also writes that Akira is "one repellant guy."

Expensive Housing Area, 2:21PM

Morishima meets Kusabi as he is taking a break from the ongoing stakeout. Kusabi introduces Sumio to Morishima as "Ballsack." Morishima and Kusabi talk a bit about how bored the latter is, until moving on to the subject of the HCU working at Morishima's apartment, and how Morishima saw "Big Dick" there. Kusabi describes Akira as being like a "weird, introverted teenager" before flatly asking Morishima if he can lend him 50,000¥.

Morishima's Room, 8:33PM

Opens with a Morishima Memo. He writes saying that he smoked an entire pack of Placebo cigarettes to clear his head and asked a woman in his building about how Akira was playing with the kid, Koichi, and says what he learned about him and his friend. Morishima says that he can use the HCU being at his building as something to hold his client over with.


Morishima writes in a Morishima Memo about his quiet, rainy night, and about how his knife whittling is going. He then calls it a night and goes to bed.

July 2nd, 1999, Friday, 10:56AM

Today, there's no call on the interphone. Morishima wakes up and reads Today's Word. He goes to the phone to call Kusabi, who tells him that Morishima that "the truth" of the case at Morishima's apartment has been pretty much worked out, and that Morishima is tiring to talk to before the conversation ends. Morishima opens up a Morishima Memo on his computer and decides to look into the suicide and the children involved himself.


Morishima concludes that Hikaru Kobayashi lived in room 403 and died on the 22nd of June from a heart attack, being found dead somewhere in the neighborhood. Kenichi Hiruma, the presumable suicide victim, lived in room 301, was 24, and was an ad artist. Koichi lived in room 402, and Morishima tells Red that he wants to talk to the kid, Koichi.


Another Morishima Memo. Koichi ran away from Morishima once he saw him. Morishima says that Koichi and Akira are doing alright, and that he has such irrational feelings surrounding Akira because of his encounter with him at Babylon. He decides to keep going along with his investigation for the sake of his client, even if he hates doing it.


Morishima again fails to talk to Koichi, as after he managed to corner him, he says that he has nothing to talk about and runs away again.


Morishima debates talking to Yukawa. He emails her, detailing all of the relevant info about the ongoing HCU investigation at his apartment and asks if she'll help him talk to Koichi.

Bar Jackhammer, 9:40PM

Morishima has finished the paper knife and decides to move on to his second piece, a turtle figurine. The Bartender comments that it's unusual, and after being shown a picture of Red by Morishima, he says that Red is "rather nasty." Morishima says that his feelings are hurt and promptly leaves the bar.

Morishima's Room, July 3rd, 1999, Saturday, 10:32AM

Morishima wakes to his interphone incessantly ringing, and angrily opens the door to hear the sting of Akira's lightning sound effect, and Akira himself standing outside the door. Morishima tells him off, but gets even angrier when he doesn't react. Akira's lighting sound effect plays again two more times before he leaves, and Morishima says to himself that he may have gone too far. Morishima then goes to his computer and reads an email from Erika Yukawa, who has agreed to join Morishima on his investigation. Morishima then reads Today's Word.


Morishima sees Koichi talking to Yukawa from his window, and types out an email to her about how she looks from his window sitting with Koichi, bathed in the evening glow, mother and child, but deletes it before opening another Morishima Memo. He says that he understood that the stars know everything after turning 30. He says that he realized his job made him unhappy from selling info he shouldn't know, and then he quit. Yukawa was just the trigger for all that. Morishima also says that the whittled turtle figurine is going well.

Bar Jackhammer, 10:02PM

Morishima asks the Bartender about sharpening a knife. The Bartender says that you can tell how sharp a knife is by dropping a tissue on the blade and letting it be cut via gravity. Morishima says that he bought a carving knife, and that he now wishes to use whittling as a form of "merit." He now wishes to be useful, like his carving habits, by his carving habits.

Morishima's Room, Midnight, 12:42AM

Yukawa says in an email that she spoke with Koichi, and that all she did was speak to him normally before she ended up gaining his trust, and that she will soon ask him about Akira and the rest of the investigation Sunday morning.

Morishima's Room, July 4th, 1999, Sunday, 1:48PM

Morishima smokes a placebo cigarette before realizing that it isn't the quiet morning that he thought it was, but rather afternoon. At his computer, he reads an email from Yukawa saying that she saw Koichi crying, and that when she tried to comfort him, he said that Hikaru was off somewhere and that he needed help. Yukawa felt guilty lying to Koichi, but pressed further, and learned that Akira was helping Koichi find Hikaru, and Yukawa agreed to do the same. Morishima asks what Koichi is trying to do with Akira and sternly asks if she can't talk to others about what's going on and that she is taking what Koichi is saying at face value. He deletes this, however, and rewrites the email more kindly, simply stating that she should keep in contact with Morishima and Koichi before going on to read Today's Word. Morishima reflects to Red about Yukawa's involvement in the investigation and opens a Morishima Memo, now reflecting on his usefulness, and his lack of knowledge.

Park, Apricot Square, 3:42PM

Morishima meets Yukawa at the park seen from his window. Yukawa asks Morishima what he is expecting from Koichi, to which he replies that he doesn't know, and Yukawa tells Morishima that Koichi is hurting after what happened to Hikaru, and that he's really pure. Morishima responds that kids aren't really "pure," and that what they really do is watch adults closely, and he saw that Yukawa was kind. "Kids are like a mirror that reflects adults like they are. That's why I don't like kids." Morishima admits that he's just trying to get info out of Koichi. Yukawa tries to argue Morishima's point about the purity of children being that they don't purposefully do what they do to adults and that those unfiltered emotions are what makes them pure, but Morishima responds that "The purity of children is also a really terrible thing." Yukawa curtly responds, "I'm leaving. Bye." Yukawa leaves.

Bar Jackhammer, 11:09PM

Morishima sulks at the bar that everyone hates him before heading back home.

Morishima's Room, July 5th, 1999, Monday, 12:26PM

Morishima checks his computer to see an email from Yukawa about Koichi, who decided to show her the secret base and is now smiling again, though she says that there is a "shadow of sadness in it." Morishima reads Today's Word before sending her an email saying that she has gotten too invested in the Koichi case.

Office 24, 3:11PM

Morishima meets Kusabi and asks what the deal with that "Slappy Nuts" guy is, referring to Akira by misremembering his "Big Dick" moniker. Kusabi tells Morishima that Akira is just a regular guy, and that he used to be part of the Security Force, and how he ended up getting scouted and surviving the Kamui capture attempt. Kusabi then tells him that Koichi must be an interesting little dude for Akira to latch onto him, and then Morishima and Kusabi say their goodbyes before being on their way.

Morishima's Room, Midnight, 2:08AM

Morishima gets an email from Yukawa saying that Koichi was a regular kid doing regular things who was bad at school work, but that Hikaru was worse, and wasn't very popular in school, along with getting bullied. Koichi's mother was a hostess, but a respectable woman, and he has been living alone with her ever since the age of three. Morishima sends a somewhat short message to Yukawa that the investigation is over and that she no longer needs to be so invested and that he'll pay her for her time. Morishima gets up and asks Red if he knows what's up with Akira before opening a Morishima Memo, realizing that felt the remnants of the woman's thoughts from Babylon only when Akira was beside him then. Akira was the catalyst, and Morishima blames him for what happened. Morishima emails Slash, asking him for information on The Bat, attaching a file of and detailing the events of the Scolba chat room when it was hacked as he was speaking to Yukawa.

Morishima's Room, July 6th, 1999, Tuesday, 2:26PM

The interphone rings again, and Morishima wakes up and reads Today's Word. The phone rings and it's Yukawa on the line. She tells Morishima that Koichi gave him a letter and that she left it in Morishima's mailbox. She hangs up before he can go to get it. Morishima smokes a Placebo cigarette. The letter is addressed to Yukawa, referring to her as "Big Sis", and says that Koichi remembers Hikaru getting killed killing the man who did it, and that Koichi can no longer play with Yukawa. He played with her at first because she seemed lonely, but that he can't just go helping every lonely person out there. Morishima opens a Morishima Memo and says that Koichi was lacking in his ability "not to kill." But his purity itself was the trigger for it. Morishima believes that the situation could have been helped and that it wasn't a needed killing. He wonders what Akira thinks about it all. Inohana emails Morishima asking the same questions as before, but saying that he was contacted by someone. Morishima tries to speak to Red about childhood, but he doesn't respond, and Morishima dramatically says "HEY DUDE..." before the chapter closes to the same image of Koichi and Hikaru as the one at the end of Spectrum.


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