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REPORT*3:TSUKI is the third Report of Tokio Morishima, and overall the seventh chapter of the game. Oddly enough, it is the first and only chapter in The Silver Case to be split into two parts, though it is arguably not as long as Case 5 lifecut, nor particularly longer than its other counterparts. The split itself may be for thematic purposes, but, nevertheless, both parts will be covered under this page.


TSUKI follows Morishima now as he follows a mysterious lead given to him in an email that turns out to be from one of the Mikumo Boys, particularly the one who had his mouth burned with oil and is shown jumping into the smokestack in Case 3 parade. Morishima slowly unravels the mystery behind the Mikumo Incident alongside Yukawa, and finds himself possibly in more danger posed by The Bat.


Morishima's room, July 7th, 1999, Wednesday, ~9:00AM

Morishima slowly wakes to the sounds of construction outside of his window, saying that he had a nightmare and smoking a Placebo cigarette before moving over to his computer. He reads an email from Slash saying that he has located The Bat and gave Morishima The Bat's email and IP addresses along with some other information. Morishima then reads Today's Word and this week's issue of Weekly Lovers, this week starring the Darlingtonia Californica, or "Shadowy Fairy." Morishima then decides to take Red with him for a ride to get away from the construction noise for a while.

Morishima's Car

Morishima laments to Red about the amount of work the pair have been taking on before opening a Morishima Memo, writing about how Red is a loveable coward, and that The Bat is "one fucked up dude," and is heavily invested in Kamui. Morishima makes up some facts about The Bat before admitting to how bored he really is, and decides to email him, heading home to do so.

Morishima's Room, 3:28PM