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Republic's van.
Republic (also known as the the Special Security Unit, Special Forces Unit, Public Safety and various similar names) is a covert ops mobile task force and part of the Public Security Department of the Administrative Inspection Office. They are the main protagonists of case#0:lunatics in The Silver Case, as well as a flashback sequence in case#1:decoyman.



Not very much is known about Republic, but one thing that is known is that the chief, Daigo Natsume, personally took in his agents, often from criminal backgrounds. Republic is generally sent out when a dangerous criminal is on the loose, which causes some rivalry with the Heinous Crimes Unit due to overlapping specialties. Republic agents wear military-esque combat uniforms and have a letter system to specify what grade armaments and equipment they can use on a given mission. They travel around in a white van with their name and logo on it.

In The Silver Case, they are shown on two missions. The first was to chase and apprehend or kill Ryo Kazan at the Cauliflower building, which they succeed at, though only due to the help of Tetsugoro Kusabi. The second was to capture Ayame Shimohira (although they believed their target to be Kamui Uehara instead). While hunting Ayame through the forest, Republic became spatially disoriented and Ayame attacked them. She killed half of the team and put Daigo into a coma, which he is never shown to recover from. Akira, the sole survivor, was traumatized by these events and went mute; thus, Republic was effectively destroyed, further cemented by both Akira and new recruit Sakura joining the HC Unit later in the game.

Other than the members seen in the The Silver Case, there was also another member, Shinkai Tsuki. As revealed in his backstory in The 25th Ward: The Silver Case, he was injured during training and was in the hospital during Republic's missions; thus, he escaped Republic's destruction, but at the same time lost everything he had.


  • It seems that Sakura never went on any actual missions in her time as a Republic agent, as she was only just graduating from college at the beginning of the game. The lack of an actual team to work with is probably why Central was able to send her to the HC Unit.