Riru Yukimura

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Riru Yukimura
Age 7
Nationality Japanese
Family Yukimura Family
Status Deceased
First appearance case#3:parade

Riru Yukimura is a character in The Silver Case. She is the childhood friend of the Mikumo Boys, who serve as the antagonists of case#3:parade.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Riru is described as being very beautiful and "early-maturing". Not much is known about her personality, but she was good friends with the Mikumo Boys, who came to view her as a "goddess".

At the end of case#3:parade, she appears to be older.


Riru was raised in a branch family of the wealthy Yukimura group, and spent her childhood in the rural industrial town of Mikumo 77, on land given to her parents. She became friends with Sumio Kodai, Fuyuki, and Hanao Hiseki, who all idolized her. Over time the land around Mikumo became polluted, launching anti-industrial protests that went on to be known as the "Parade", and building ire towards Riru's family. Eventually the narcotic effects of the pollution causes the protesters to begin to fear Riru, believing she was a witch. Once the danger of the protests came to be too much, she was abandoned by her parents at her home as a "sacrifice". The Mikumo Boys then tried to bring her to the mountains to escape. However while Sumio was looking away, she was taken by the mob. On August 2nd, 1979, she was raped and killed by the crowd of rioters.

For their efforts to rescue Riru, the three Mikumo Boys were attacked and disabled. For "hearing Riru's words and being enchanted", Sumio had his eardrums stabbed out; for "seeing Riru's cute disguise and being fooled", Hiseki's eyes were gouged out and sewn shut; and for "swearing allegiance to the demon Riru", Fuyuki had his mouth filled with oil and sewn shut. Over the next 20 years, the Mikumo Boys hatched a plan to destroy the Yukimura Zaibatsu and the town of Mikumo. This began on July 11th, 1999 with the kidnapping of Chairman Yukimura, culminating in the town being destroyed by an explosion on the 20-year anniversary of Riru's death. The Mikumo Boys belived the destruction of the town would purify the land and release Riru's restless soul. During the explosion, an older-looking Riru can be seen sitting in a chair surrounded by flowers, and slowly disappearing into light. She is last seen with her face descending into water.

Later in case#4:kamuidrome, Sumio told Kusabi that he saw Riru in a dream, and that during the destruction of the town she was crying.


  • Riru shares her name with a character from Moonlight Syndrome.
  • Riru may be one of the Eleven Children, based on the description of the first child by Sundance Ritz. She says, "The first child always looked so sad. Quiet, and gentle... that child vanished into the light."


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