Ryo Kazan

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Ryo Kazan
Age 17
Nationality Japanese
Family Kyoko Kazan (older sister)
Occupation Unemployed
Weapon S&W Revolver
Status Deceased
First appearance Prank

Ryo Kazan (花山 亮, Kazan Ryō) is one of the protagonists of Moonlight Syndrome. He also appears in Twilight Syndrome: Investigation and The Silver Case.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

In Moonlight Syndrome, Ryo is always seen wearing a low-buttoned black shirt, black jeans and belt.
Ryo is usually very aloof, showing little interest in wanting to talk to people or answer questions. Despite this, he is shown to care very deeply for those that he does have a connection with, such as Rumi Toba and his elder sister Kyoko Kazan.


Although Ryo is a teenager, he no longer attends Hinashiro High, instead living in his own place. He was previously acquaintances with Sumio Toba, however an affair involving himself, his older sister Kyoko, Sumio, and Sumio's younger sister Rumi has since ruined their relationship.

"Twilight Syndrome: Investigation"[edit]

Moonlight Syndrome[edit]

The Silver Case[edit]

Ryo about to take a shot at Kusabi

On the 29th of January Ryo awakens catatonic in his room driven mad either by the moon itself, the events of Moonlight Syndrome or both. He is discovered in his room by Rumi in a near catatonic state. Ryo pulls a gun out of his television along with the decapitated head of his sister Kyoko and heads out. He is seen standing in the middle of the road by Heinous Crimes Unit Special Agent Tetsugoro Kusabi. Ryo fires a shot which Kusabi dodges by a hair. Kusabi quickly calls Chizuru Hachisuka for backup. Ryo retreats into the nearby Cauliflower building where he is pursued by the Republic unit. He shoots Republic member Haruhiko Inomata in the arm and makes his way to the roof. On the roof Ryo is confronted by Akira and Kenichi Sakamoto where he is shown to be completely insane, babbling incoherently about Kamui while both begging for his life and threatening to kill the Republic Agents. Akira hesitates to fire upon him but Ryo is quickly shot to death by Kusabi who then proceeds to fire four more shots into his lifeless body. Rumi is found in a similar mental state afterwards and is killed by Sakamoto.


  • The name Ryo means "clear" (亮).
  • Ryo's surname Kazan means "flower, blossom" (花) (ka) and "mountain, hill" (山) (zan).


  • Ryo is never mentioned by name in The Silver Case, probably due to copyright issues with Human Entertainment. However, he is called Ryo internally in the game's scripts and files. The Pre-Lunatics manga explicitly identifies him as Ryo Kazan.
  • Ryo is shown in a Pre-Lunatics splash image to inexplicably have a [Silver Eye]. In the image he is shown alongside Kamui Fujiwara and Sundance Shot. At no other point in the manga or game is Ryo shown to posses a silver eye.


Twilight Syndrome[edit]

Moonlight Syndrome[edit]


The Silver Case[edit]

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