Sakura Natsume

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Sakura Natsume
Age 22 (The Silver Case)
28 (The 25th Ward)
Nationality Japanese
Family Daigo Natsume (father)
Occupation Detective
Affiliation Heinous Crimes Unit
Weapon Handgun
Status Alive
First appearance case#5:lifecut

Sakura Natsume is a character in The Silver Case and The 25th Ward: The Silver Case, and the protagonist of the novel The Silver Case: Case #4.5 FACE. Following in the footsteps of her father, she joins the Heinous Crimes Unit as a new recruit in 1999. An honest and diligent investigator, Sakura is nonetheless unafraid of feeling, accepting the darkness she soon discovers within her own past.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Sakura is a woman of average height and build with black, chin-length hair. By The 25th Ward, her hair has grown to shoulder length.

Sakura has a rather level-headed and no-nonsense personality. She is meticulous about the work that she does for the HCU and takes even the most unexpected situations in stride, thinking through and planning her actions logically as opposed to acting out of impulse or emotion. This does not, however, make her a detached person. Sakura is empathetic and kind, from her interactions with Sumio Kodai both during and after his incarceration, to the close bond that she shares with Akira, who had also worked with her father Daigo Natsume.

In The 25th Ward, Sakura puts up a slightly cooler front, possibly due to increased responsibilities with the HCU.


Sakura was born to Daigo Natsume and his wife. Her mother died while Sakura was very young, so she was raised solely by her father. The two were very close, and Daigo kept several photo albums of Sakura as she grew. When Sakura was about 2 years old, she was kidnapped as a part of the Shelter Kids Program, along with nearly a thousand other 2-year-olds meant for a new cohort of Ayame-type Shelter Children. She remained within the program until she was 4, when she was simply returned to her father. Fearing for his daughter's safety, Daigo Natsume concealed the results of the independent investigation into the Shelter Kids Program he had undertaken during that time. Sakura's life seemingly returns to normal, and she spends the remainder of her childhood in her family home.

Case #4.5: FACE[edit]

Following Daigo Natsume's supposed death in Decoyman, Sakura packs up or disposes of all her father's belongings and moves out of their home. Her new apartment is located in in Area C, within walking distance of a diner owned by her neighbor Chinami Ohtomo. Sakura is nearing the end of an intensive program for investigators when she is given an assignment involving the cataloging of serious criminals. As a part of this assignment, she is permitted to interview Sumio Kodai, incarcerated following the events of case#03 parade.

She has the worst first date ever and finds out she's a shelter kid, oops

The Silver Case[edit]


The 25th Ward[edit]

Sundance I will find you and I will kill you + digitalman

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