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The Shelter Kids Policy was a project put in place by the government of Ward 24 following the Silver Case in the game of the same name. It was an elaborate, wide-reaching conspiracy with multiple goals, such as the creation of obedient citizens, sleeper Kamui Uehara agents, and the (failed) mass production of silver eyes.



The policy was enacted by various individuals within the government belonging to both the TRO/CCO Alliance and the FSO, as well as Nezu who manipulated the balance between the factions. Despite the factions perceiving themselves as enemies, it appears that the entire policy was according to the plans of Elbow. Other than Nezu, some of the other main administrators involved were Uminosuke Hachisuka (who was credited with the plan's existence) and Kaiji Enzawa (who was the administrator in charge of implementation). Morichika Nakategawa and Ryu Munakata were also both involved in some significant capacity. The operation was handled officially handled under the name of the International Environment Agency, and the budget was taken from that meant for their IEDU Building.

The Shelter, a space consisting of a plaza and ten Triangle Towers, was built underground beneath the TV Tower.

Kamui Maspro[edit]

In 1980, a search was announced by Uminosuke Hachisuka through the TRO/CCO Alliance, seeking two-year-old boys to undergo a "crisis control capability enhancement measure", with the offer of free tuition through high school for selected participants. 1,440 boys were volunteered by their parents for the project, where they were brought into the Shelter and raised for the next four years, after which they were returned to their families. Although press and government statements at the time suggested it was a success, the actual goals and methods of the project, internally known as the "Kamui Maspro", were not publicized.

The boys were raised in an educational environment where teachers (also referred to as "administrators") working for the project would instruct them to perform simple and repetitive tasks. The curriculum was designed to encourage a strict obedience as well as mold their personalities as close as possible to that of Format Kamui. The Shelter was a dark and oppressive place, with some tasks given to the children being things like sitting quietly in darkness, and administrators who performed non-perfect jobs would be "processed". The deeper goal of the project was to achieve ocular silverization - the turning of a Lospass hyena eye into a silver one through placing it into the eye socket of a human. Children were placed into different groups, named after the four suits in a deck of cards, and were monitored for particular genes or other factors that would make them likely to achieve ocular silverization. However, although hyena eyes were placed in some of the boys, silverization never occurred.

Despite this, many of the children in the project were still successfully turned into "Kamui stock" with hidden reflexes beneath the surface, and after being released into the Ward, became sleeper agents who could be activated into "being" Kamui Uehara at the control of Nezu or other government authorities.

Ayame Maspro[edit]

Although the Kamui Maspro was originally intended to be repeated, the Shelter area was abandoned after the project's conclusion. However, the FSO, using shell companies, set in motion the Ayame Maspro. This was not officially approved by the public government, and so rather than recruiting boys through a public search, a large number of girls (the number of which is inconsistent) were illegally kidnapped and brought to the Shelter. The project was repeated with the latest curriculum but using more or less the same methods, and the same template personality of the Format Kamui; however, the children raised here were designated with the female named "Ayame" instead. The source of the "Ayame" name is unknown, but it is suggested that someone with the name Ayame Shimohira did exist. Part of the motivation for the Ayame Maspro was the idea that the Ayame stock could potentially be used to counter the Kamui stock if need be.

After four years, at the project's conclusion, most of the girls were recovered unharmed and were returned to their families. They became Ayame sleeper agents just like the Kamui agents before them; however, ocular silverization still did not occur.


The Shelter Kids who were released into the 24th Ward have only repressed memories of the experience. It is alternately stated that their memories were erased, or that the experience was so traumatic that the victims unanimously repressed them. Some of the Shelter Kids (like Akira) have their identities erased and assigned to police or special forces in the Administrative Inspection Office. It's also suggested that Kamui stock and Ayame stock feel an instinctual attraction to each other.

Much like the events of the Silver Case, there are large amounts of contradictions regarding the details of the Shelter Kids Policy, such as how long the projects lasted, the organizations behind each project, and how old the children were. Due to the varying ages of adults who are known to be Shelter Kids, it is likely that the kids were not all of a uniform age regardless.

For unknown reasons, Meru Yuzuki claimed that of the kids raised in the Shelter, she was part of the "third generation". Three or more projects were originally planned during the time of the Kamui Maspro, but were subsequently cancelled, so what project Meru would have been a part of is unclear. This may be a way of keeping it ambiguous whether she was raised with boys or girls, as given her circumstances, either is possible.

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