Shinko Kuroyanagi

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Shinko Kuroyanagi
Other names Kuro, The Japanese Dirty Harry, Chloe
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Detective, Bouncer, Model, Sexchatter
Affiliation 25th Ward Heinous Crimes Unit
Weapon Seemingly 2 9mm pistols and a large revolver
Status Alive
First appearance #01 new world order

Shinko Kuroyanagi is a character in The 25th Ward: The Silver Case. She is a member of the 25th Ward Heinous Crimes Unit known for her incredibly vulgar and aggressive personality. This has earned her the nickname "The Japanese Dirty Harry".

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Kuroyanagi is a woman of average height and build with black shoulder length hair. She wears red lipstick, a leather coat, tall boots and dark pants, and a bustier-like white top.

Aggressive, bull-headed, and vulgar, Kuroyanagi is a confident and commanding woman. Despite her brash attitude and cavalier attitude towards rules, she is a competent investigator. She also holds multiple part-time jobs outside of the HCU for fun, and, as a bouncer, for the ability to hold an HCU-prohibited revolver. Kuroyanagi swears openly, often criticizing her partner Mokutaro Shiroyabu harshly. In stark contrast to the partners seen in The Silver Case's Transmitter, Kuroyanagi harbors little warmth for Shiroyabu, even offering to kill him herself when the time comes. She does, however, have a soft spot for her superior Hatoba-- the only person on the HCU capable of reining Kuroyanagi in. She proposes that they run away together, and later fights to defend him in #07 blackout. She seems to treat women with more affection than she does men, admitting to a liking for "cute girls".

Shinko Kuroyanagi could beat my ass and I would thank her for it.


Early Life[edit]

Kuroyanagi mentions during the #02 good looking guy investigation that she grew up in the shelter, implying that she is part of the Ayame maspro line.


Kuroyanagi is first encountered in #01 new world order while investigating a murder at the Bayside Towerland apartment complex. She berates her partner Mokutaro Shiroyabu for arriving late to the crime scene.

She is shown to have a working relationship with the 24th Ward's Heinous Crimes Unit, cooperating with them during the events of #06 white out. Years later, she meets with Sumio Kodai regarding Shiroyabu and Kurumizawa's whereabouts in #04 digital man.


Kuroyanagi is the first to interrupt the standoff between Akama, Aoyama and Hatoba. She seemingly allies herself with Hatoba threatening both of her former colleagues without mercy before the arrival of Uehara. Alongside Hatoba she urges Uehara and by extension to player to select one of the 100 Endings. Kuroyanagi herself is featured prominently in these various endings, mercilessly and violently killing Uehara in many of them.

Official profiles[edit]

Shiroyabu's superior, and member of the same HC Unit. Her tough and imposing attitude and volatile behavior have earned her the nickname "Japanese Dirty Harry." (25th Ward site description)
Shiroyabu's senior investigator in the Heinous Crimes Unit. Her arrogant personality and unconventional behavior have earned her the nickname "Japanese Dirty Harry" as well as the fear of her colleagues. Although a civil servant, she also dabbles in several side jobs as well, such as sex chat administrator and race queen. (25th Ward artbook description)


  • Kuroyanagi's dialogue features references to Gundam. In the English translation, these are omitted.
  • During a conversation about GLG, it is revealed that her English is bad enough that she cannot translate the words "GOOD LOOKING GUY". She then admits she skipped all her English classes in school.
  • Karafuto-kuroyanagi is a type of black willow tree.


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