Shoutaro Kai

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Shoutaro Kai
Nationality Japanese
Family Daizaburo Kai (Father)
Occupation Student
Status Alive
First appearance Request 07: Children's corner

Shoutaro Kai is a character who appears in Flower, Sun, and Rain. He is the son of Daizaburo Kai and a guest at the Flower, Sun, and Rain.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Shoutaro dresses normally for a child and appears to be around 8 or 9 years old. He has a mean and vindictive personality, which he most likely inherited from his father. Shotaro is known to make fun of the game's graphics and plot while being an overall annoyance to Sumio Mondo.


Sumio first meets Shoutaro in Request 07: Children's corner. While attempting to leave the hotel Shoutaro kicks a soccer ball at Sumio which inexplicably hits him in the stomach despite being kicked from behind him. Understandably frustrated Sumio confronts the boy. Shoutaro proceeds to viciously mock Sumio, the plot, graphics and even music of Flower, Sun and Rain permanently earning Sumio's intense hatred. Shotaro then runs off forcing Sumio to follow. After searching the entire hotel for the boy; Sumio finally finds Shoutaro hiding in Sumio's own room. He continues to mock Sumio, calling him stupid and gullible. He then complains that his father won't play with him as the plane explodes overhead.

Shoutaro makes his next appearance in Request 10: I Love You, Porgy after Sumio meets his father. Sumio while looking for an item stolen by Step Sding Shoutaro once again mocks and insults Sumio and only agrees to help him if Sumio can locate his lost soccer ball. Sumio eventually finds the ball near the garbage facilities. Shoutaro complains that Sumio took to long and begins another round of mockery angering Sumio enough to smack him on the head. After solving a puzzle Sumio locates the item which is actually his father's lighter. The whole scenario turns out to be engineered by Daizaboro in order to "entertain" his son by letting him torment Sumio. Shoutaro and his father proceed to laugh at Sumio showing them both to share the same mean spirited and vindictive nature. Daizaboro lights a cigarette despite his son's protests as the plane once again explodes overhead.

Shoutaro and his father do not appear for the rest of the game and it is assumed they left the hotel sometime before Request 17: Kill The Past.

Official profiles[edit]

Bored because his dad won't pay him any attention.
A primary school kid.
Place of Birth: Far East


  • May be the single most unlikable character in the Kill The Past series.
  • Shoutaro's line "Even my dad has never hit me" is a reference to Amuro Ray's famous line from the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime.


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