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Sister Phantom is a character in Flower, Sun, and Rain. She is a spirit medium staying as a hotel guest on Lospass Island.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Sister Phantom is a dedicated spirit medium. She is usually very serious about her work, but at times is seen to give up or run away while letting others solve their own problems. Most of her dialogue is cryptic and deals with the supernatural.



Sister Phantom is a spirit medium from America who was hired by Peter Bockwinkle. The nature of her job is unknown, but it seems to have been related to uncovering the truth of Sumio Mondo's birth.

Flower, Sun, and Rain[edit]

During Request 01: Gymnopédie#1, Sister Phantom visited the Hotel Flower, Sun, and Rain at the same time as Sumio Mondo. She stayed in Room 403, adjacent to Mondo's. After Mondo was trapped inside of a Sealed Space connected to his room, he spoke with Sister and Sue Sding though a hole in the wall. Sister tried to save Mondo and began focusing her spiritual energy. Before Mondo could check on them again, Sister said she didn't want anything to do with it and fled. Soon after, Mondo returned the room to normal by taking a photo. She later met the two in the hallway, claiming that she never fled. She told them cyptic information on the nature of evil spirits, and commented that the Sealed Space re-appeared with Mondo's arrival. She bid her farewell to the two, promising to return when the photo is developed.

Sister never appears again, but is mentioned at the end of Request 18: An American in Paris by Peter, who tells Mondo that he hired her. Sister gave the developed photo to Peter, who says that the photo's contents deal with Mondo's birth.

Official profiles[edit]

Currently staying in Room 403, opposite Room 402
Occupation: Spiritual Medium
Place of Birth: United States


  • In a pre-release magazine feature of the game, it can be seen that Sister Phantom's design originally had lighter skin, and was named "Yumie". The name of Sister Phantom was instead given to Sundance Ritz.


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