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Step Sding is a character who appears in Flower, Sun, and Rain. He is a pickpocket operating across Lospass Island. He is Mati Sding's son.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Step is a young man with a mohawk. He is always seen wearing a red shirt and jeans. In-game his skin is significantly darker than his concept art. It was said that he is sarcastic, but actually has a good heart. He shows love for his mother, and apparently was close to Sue Sding, as they become engaged. He has no remorse for stealing from outsiders, as he feels that they deserve it. He thinks that living confined on the island is a waste of his talents, which led him to seeking out more overseas. Much of Step's true nature is unknown, as the real Step never appears in-game.



Step Sding is the son of Mati Sding, and was one of the Eleven Children raised in the facility underneath Eleki Island. After this he became a pickpocket, preying on tourists visiting Lospass Island. He eventually grew bored of the island and felt his talents were being wasted, so he travelled to France to study. While there he willingly allowed stock "human bomb" bodies to be made of himself, overseen by Stephan Charbonie. One of these bodies eventually returned to Lospass, with the real Step remaining overseas.

Flower, Sun, and Rain[edit]

Step first appears in Request 10: I Love You, Porgy, when Mondo meets one of his stock bodies standing at Power Beach. He had stolen Daizaburo Kai's lighter, but threw it away since he didn't need it. Mondo approached him to ask about the missing item. Step decided to have a competition with Mondo, since he views the two of them as the same. If Mondo can find what he's stolen, he can have Step's life, and if he fails, Step can take Catherine.

He appears again in Request 12: I Got Rhythm, when he steals Catherine from Mondo's corpse. Yoshimitsu Koshimizu spots him running away as he arrived on the island, but was told by Remy Fawzil to ignore him for now. After learning the case belonged to Mondo, Koshimizu pursued Step to the Spice Shop shopping center. He managed to sneak up on Step and held him at gunpoint. Step toyed with Koshimizu, before Remy revealed over the phone that this was actually a human bomb. Step told him that he willingly gave himself over to the upgrade, since it suited his ideal lifestyle. Step said goodbye and asked him to say hello to his mother. The stock body's silver eye glowed before exploding and destroying the building as Koshimizu narrowly escaped.

Step's final appearance is in Request 15: L'Après-Midi d'un Faune, when Mondo finds another stock body of his inside of the maze surrounding the Marmaleba Ruins. Step says that he wants to help Mondo, but is actually lying and giving him incorrect directions.

Step is mentioned multiple times in Request 18: An American in Paris. The hotel staff reveal to Mondo that Step and Sue Sding are engaged to be married. At the end of the game, Sundance Shot tells Mondo to impart the memories of the 16 Sumio Mondo clones to the final seed, Step. It is implied by multiple sources that Mondo and Step will meet again some day.

Official profiles[edit]

A sneaky thief and pickpocket.
Mati's son.
Occupation: Part-Timer
Place of Birth: Lospass Island


  • When describing the Eleven Children, Sundance Ritz says of Step, "The second child was very sarcastic... But had a beautiful heart. Oh, so quick with those hands! That child's mother had it tough. But now her child is doing fine, far away. You'll meet at some point, I'm sure."
  • A pre-release magazine feature for the game refers to Step by the name "3-Gear Step".


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