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Sue Sding is a character in Flower, Sun, and Rain. She is a maid working at the Hotel Flower, Sun, and Rain.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Sue is a young woman, always seen wearing her hotel maid uniform. She has a somewhat eccentric and deadpan personality, often leading to humorous scenes when she appears. At times when her or the island's past starts to resurface, she becomes more serious and speaks cryptically. She has a habit of falling asleep anytime and anywhere. She is a big fan of Sayaka Baian, and relates to her tragic life.



Sue remembers the day she was born, which happened on the night of a crescent moon. At age six, she was present for the genocide of the inhabitants of Lospass Island perpetrated by Uminosuke Hachisuka. Due to the events she witnessed, she lost her memory of her childhood. Her parents were presumably killed, and she was raised by Mati Sding. She later became a maid at the Hotel Flower, Sun, and Rain.

Flower, Sun, and Rain[edit]

Sue first appears in Request 01: Gymnopédie#1, when Sumio Mondo becomes stuck in a Sealed Space while attempting to leave his room. Mondo spoke to her and Sister Phantom through a hole in the wall. She introduced herself to Mondo and said that Sister would help him. When Mondo came back, she told him that Sister had fled, not wanting anything to do with it. She said that she would take her place, and tried to remember where she had seen the camera and chair in the room before. When Mondo came back again, Sue had fallen asleep. She woke up and apologized, and said that Edo Macalister had told her about a harmless ghost living in the hotel. She remembers that the camera and chair were in the Lospass Guidebook. After Mondo escapes the room, she meets him face to face out in the hallway. Sister arrives and is mad with Sue for telling Mondo that she ran away. She went with Mondo to his room while he spoke to Edo over the phone. She continued standing around until she got a tip from him, and told him the view outside was wonderful. Mondo looked outside as the plane exploded overhead.

She appears again in Request 05: The Entertainer, greeting Mondo while mopping in the second floor stairwell. Mondo talks to her to get her mop to use as a replacement wig for Tubbs Balboa. Mondo uses Catherine to input a number to the pedometer Mati had installed, and removes the mop head.

In Request 07: Children's corner, Mondo spoke to Sue in the stairwell to learn where Shoutaro Kai went. She told Mondo she couldn't be of much help, but that El Crasher on the floor above may know something.

Sue becomes the focus of the story for Request 11: Clair de Lune, when Mondo wakes up at night and trips over Sue, who was sleeping under his bed. The two sat and talked for a while, and she tells him about how she loves Sayaka Baian, and compares her to the shining of the moon. She asks Mondo to look after her pocket watch, and to search for something for her, but cannot tell him what. She says that if he can find what she asked, they will be able to talk again. Mondo is directed by Edo to the Business Tower lighthouse, where he finds Sue again. She tells him the moon looks beautiful from the top, and that she'll be waiting back in his room. Mondo returns to her after looking at the moon, and she tells him he needs more exercise. She lies under the bed with Mondo on it, and asks him what he knows about the far side of the moon, and compares it to the secret in her. She told him she has no memories from before she was six years old, but does remember her own birth. She says that revealing her secret would reveal the secret of the island, and that Mondo would do this on the night of a crescent moon. She tells Mondo that time on the island has stopped, and that Mondo was called here to return time to normal by stopping the explosion and uncovering the identity of the terrorist. She tells him that once he has the secret, to use the watch to lead him to an answer. Mondo uses Catherine to unlock the watch, and Sue invites him to the roof to tell him everything. On the roof, Sue tells him that the secret must stay hidden, and time as it is now suits the island. She says goodbye to Mondo as he is shot by Sundance Shot and falls from the roof as the plane explodes.

In Request 15: L'Après-Midi d'un Faune, Sue appears when Edo collapses after revealing he was the terrorist. She told Mondo to leave it to her, and is happy at her new promotion to hotel manager. She told him that Gunji Takaoka and Natsuko Akai were waiting for him in the wheat field to guide him somewhere.

In Request 16: Pavane pour une infante défunte, Sue is found behind the front desk in the lobby. She evades Mondo's question about Edo, and tells him that Sundance Ritz has awoken and is waiting for him at the cottages. She tells him that she is the Medium of the island, and that it was her role to inform him.

In Request 17: Kill the Past, Sue is waiting in Mondo's room when he first wakes up. She tells him that he is nearing the truth, and that Edo has disappeared. Before he leaves, she directs Mondo to visit Room 301 with the hint "Turtle", where he listens to a message from Tokio Morishima.

Sue's final appearance is in Request 18: An American in Paris, where she is found behind the front desk with Edo and Stuart Rock. They thank Mondo for what he's done and see him off, revealing that the island is artificial and that Edo planned to destroy it. They reveal that Sue is engaged to Step Sding, and is waiting for him to come back. Sue tells Mondo to take care of himself as he leaves.

Official profiles[edit]

Has never left the island.
Can sleep anywhere, any time, and often does.
Occupation: Hotel Staff


  • Sue's past has unclear connections to the history of Lospass Island. The game and supplemental materials refer to her as the "Medium" or "shrine maiden" of the island.


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