Sumio Kodai

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Sumio Kodai
Other names Sumio Mondo
Age 26 (The Silver Case)
32 (The 25th Ward)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Detective
Affiliation Heinous Crimes Unit
Weapon SIG SAVER P229
Status Alive
First appearance case#1:decoyman
Played by Susumi Nihashi (as Sumio Mondo)

Sumio Kodai (コダイ スミオ, Kodai Sumio) is a character in The Silver Case and The 25th Ward: The Silver Case. He is a detective working for the Heinous Crimes Unit. A troubled man and an effective officer, he shares a close bond with his partner Tetsugoro Kusabi and a strange relationship with Ayame Shimohira.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Sumio, due to the traumatic events of his childhood seems to lives a double life. On the exterior Sumio displays himself as a cool, collected and highly capable police officer. He displays incredible skill in the field and is known to be stubborn and short fused, snapping fiercely at Akira for the smallest of mistakes. Sumio also has a bit of a romantic side, seeing as he allegedly had shared a romance with a suspect and how openly he flirts with Ayame Shimohira. Sumio's interior however tells a different story. Sumio sees himself as nothing but an empty husk, void of anything aside from his desire for revenge against the Yukimura Zaibatsu. In order to bury the grief he feels over The Parade he seemingly killed nearly his entire identity. Despite this he still holds his own morals and desires but this does not quell how truly sad and lonely he feels on a daily basis. Throughout The 25th Ward: The Silver Case we get a closer glimpse of his true nature. Ultimately, Sumio's a person in pursuit of justice and what is truly right, by any means necessary, and at any cost to himself or anybody.


Sumio, Hiseki and Fuyuki

Although Sumio is potentially one of the Eleven Children, he spent his childhood in the rural industrial town of Mikumo 77. His childhood friends were Hiseki, Fuyuki and Riru Yukimura. He seemingly lived a relatively normal life until The river near Mikumo 77 became gradually polluted by chemicals as a result of the activities of the Yukimura Zaibatsu. The people of Mikumo 77 protested against Yukimura's interference, but as the chemicals began to affect their mental states, they became more paranoid and erratic and their demonstrations grew increasingly violent. These riots became colloquially known as The Parade. During the Parade riots, Riru, abandoned by her parents as a "sacrifice", is targeted by townspeople who believe she is a witch. She is taken from her home, raped, and killed by the crowd of rioters. For their efforts to rescue Riru, Sumio and his friends are attacked and disabled; Sumio's ears were stabbed out, rupturing his eardrums and leaving him deaf. In response to the injustice, Sumio and his friends form the Mikumo Boys, vowing revenge on the Yukimura Zaibatsu whose actions had caused the riots. What happened to Sumio after the riots is unknown. As a young man, Sumio Kodai trained at the Central Police Department, keeping his deafness a secret in order to conceal his true motivations and identity. He resorted to bribery to skip his physical and hearing tests, became an expert in lipreading, and made use of accessibility technology invented by Hiseki (i.e. phones that translated incoming messages into Braille).

By 1994 Sumio had successfully been recruited into the Heinous Crimes Unit where is assigned to Unit 2 and met his partner Tetsugoro Kusabi. The two got off to a rough start but soon formed a tight bond despite Kusabi's volatility. Sumio's first case with the HCU was the Power Girl Case which involved a terrorist bomber on the east side of Ward 24. Details on this case are vague but it is known that Sumio shared some sort of romantic relationship with the main suspect. Sumio continued his work with the HCU contributing on the 1998 Gas Kids case as well as other non-specified cases.

The Silver Case[edit]

Sumio is first mentioned by Kusabi during case#00:Lunatics after he is fired upon by a crazed Ryo Kazan. Chizuru Hachisuka however mentions that Sumio had already left the office for the night. This is shown in the supplemental manga Pre-Lunatics, which shows Sumio awakening from a nap with a "bad feeling" before quickly leaving for a meeting with the Mikumo Boys.

Confronting Ayame

Sumio makes his first physical appearance in case#01:Decoyman alongside Kusabi at IMM Hospital interviewing Kamui Fujiwara's personal doctor Tachibana in the aftermath of the Republic Unit's Destruction. The two detectives learn that Kamui is in a comatose state and is physically and mentally incapable of committing any murders. After interviewing the doctor the two detective come across Akira, one of two surviving members of the Republic Unit. Kusabi attempts to get information from Akira but Sumio quickly interrupts, telling Kusabi that Akira is mute from trauma. Chizuru Hachisuka calls the two detectives notifying them of another murder, they soon depart the hospital taking Akira with them. The body is identified as Yuka Kawai. The following day the detectives hold a meeting regarding the death. Later the two detectives manage to track Kamui to the Babylon Shopping Center. Sumio and Kusabi however and unable to get there in time and guide Akira by phone. Akira does not manage to apprehend Kamui but locates a panicked Tokio Morishima and the body of Kei Nanami. After their failure to apprehend Kamui, Kusabi ends up blaming himself. Shinji Kotobuki sends Kusabi away on a retreat with his wife Akemi Kusabi while Sumio and Akira are sent to the art studio Gladiolus; Kamui's former place of employment.

Sumio begins to interview the owner of Gladiolus Ayame Shimohira about her relationship with Kamui. Ayame makes vague statements about making "contact" with Kamui causing Sumio to interrogate her further as he has a hunch that Kamui had been there. Sumio and Akira are shown some of the digital art created by both Ayame and Kamui. Sumio's interogation however quickly devolves into flirting as he comments on Ayame's beauty and asks her out on a date. Sumio deduces that Kamui had in fact been to the art studio to which Ayame confirms his suspicions. Akira opens the closet and finds Kamui bound in her closet. Ayame and Kamui are brought back the HCU precinct. Ayame is interrogated by Chizuru while Kamui remains in a vegetative state doing nothing but mouthing words. Kiyoshi Morikawa asks Sumio to lipread, Sumio reveals what he is continuously mouthing is the word Shelter. The two detectives discuss Kamui's condition and whether or not to investigate the shelters but their conversation is cut short by a gunshot. Sumio and Morikawa find Hachisuka injured and she reveals that Ayame has escaped. Sumio and Akira track Ayame to the Shelter Exhibition Hall. While searching for her the Sumio and Akira encounter Kamui's Children before finally locating Ayame herself. Sumio laments his inability to protect the ones he loves and the two detectives confront Ayame. Ayame asks for Sumio to kill her as it is what she truly desires. Sumio tells her that he can't kill her even when she threatens to kill the children. The two begin to flirt once again while pointing guns at each other. Ayame declares that she is grateful for meeting Sumio before turning the gun on herself. Kamui's children however convince her not to shoot herself and she is taken into custody. Kamui is taken back to IMM Hospital and Ayame is discovered to be the true murderer, acting out of jealousy towards Kamui's other lovers. Sumio meets with Kusabi and Akira at IMM Hospital as they depart to their next assignment.

According to the official timeline, Sumio and Hachisuka investigated the "After Kamui" Copycat Case immediately following case#1:decoyman. They followed a series of crimes committed in May of 1999 with the same M.O. as Kamui. A certain national university student arose as a suspect.

Staking out the Yukimura Estate

Sumio spends the entirety of case#02:Spectrum on a stakeout with Kusabi of the Yukimura Estate following vague threats, presumably from the Mikumo Boys. The two detectives talk about various topics, including Sumio's attraction to Ayame despite her being a serial killer, Kusabi's money issues as well as complaining about how bored they are. Sumio and Kusabi are both approached by Tokio Morishima and share a quick interaction much to Sumio's annoyance. Sumio and Kusabi are still staking out the Yukimura Estate at the beginning of case#3:parade. Sumio tells Kusabi a dark fairy tale that is a coded metaphor for his own childhood back in Mikumo ominously foreshadowing what is about to unfold. He rudely orders Akira to surveille the estate's perimeter. When Akira returns to the car the estate explodes. Kusabi tells Sumio to never forget this moment to which Sumio replies knowingly that he won't.

Meeting Yukimura

Following the kidnapping of Chairman Yukimura Sumio accompanies Kusabi and Akira to the Snow Tower. while there the detectives consider the Yukimura Zaibatsu board of directors to be suspects and discuss the case with Central Detective Michiru Kosaka. Later that night they discover the hanging corpse of Hanao Hiseki the alleged bomber of the Yukimura Estate. The detectives lament the suicide of their only lead but soon Central receives a video confirming that Yukimura is still alive. Sumio, Akira and Kusabi analyze the footage at a forensic lab and discover a coded demand for a diamond worth 600 billion yen to be delivered the following day. The diamond is paid for by the Yukimura Zaibatsu effectively ruining the company financially. Akira is chosen to make the exchange at the Garbage Incineration Plant. However during the exchange the perpetrator Fuyuki commits suicide destroying the diamond in the process. Yukimura is later found and rescued at the plant but is found heavily sedated.

While the HCU attempts to figure out the motive behind the kidnapping, Sumio is seen to be meeting with Chairman Yukimura along Route 4 of Area A4. A few days later Sumio is missing at the HCU precinct. Chairman Yukimura returns to work only to trigger a remote explosive killing himself and the entire executive board, no other staff were killed. On August 1st Sumio met with Tokio Morishima at the Harakiri Batting Center. Initially Sumio thought thought that the journalist was looking for Kusabi but Tokio insisted on speaking to Sumio. After some reluctance, Sumio explained his life to Tokio.

Arrested by Kusabi

The following day Sumio is finally apprehended by Kusabi and Akira outside of Mikumo 77. As the three men watch Mikumo get destroyed Sumio explains his desire to Kill the Past and that his entire self was trapped in the past. The two former partners reminisce about their first encounter with each other as Sumio is arrested.

Case 4.5 : FACE[edit]

Sumio during his time in prison

Shortly after the events of case#04 Kamuidrome Sumio is still incarcerated due to the events of case#03 Parade. While incarcerated he is interviewed by Sakura Natsume as part of her training. During their first interview Sumio showed himself to be cold, emotionless and unhelpful. Initially Sakura attempts to ask him about his crimes but he rebukes her arguing that analyzing the past is pointless in the context of investigating heinous crimes. He ascertains that searching for meaning in all things is an incorrect method of investigation much to Sakura's annoyance. Once Sakura mentioned Tetsugoro Kusabi however, his demeanor changed completely to something resembling his older 'self'. Sakura soon asks Sumio why a seasoned and respected detective would commit a crime like he did. Sakura tells Sumio that she believes crime is something that needs to be eradicated however Sumio argues that an inability to connect with your own inner darkness makes it impossible to understand the nature of crime and how crimes are committed.

Sakura later felt she needed to speak with Sumio again and continue their discussion. After convincing her instructor to let her interview him again Sakura conducted a second interview. Sakura began to ask him about Jack the Ripper but instead of answering he merely criticized her makeup. This caused the overworked trainee to lose her temper and lash out at Sumio regarding the death of her close friend Kana Makina. This caused Sumio to laugh much to her surprise, he tells her that she sees things the way that he used to. Sumio described the events of the traumatic events of the Parade declaring that was the source of his own darkness. He elaborated that his life after the Parade was a battle to prevent his inner darkness from consuming him and that his revenge against Yukimura was his way of taking control of it instead. However even afterwards his darkness still existed and always would. Sakura tells Sumio the true reason for her second visit; that she wants his help to apprehend Jack the Ripper. The two then began to discuss the Shelter Kids and Sumio advises her to figure out her own connection to the shelters.

After the death of Minato Sawaguchi and the end of the Jack the Ripper case; Sakura meets Sumio in prison one last time. The two finished their discussion about inner darkness. She thanks him for his help as Sumio declares they probably will never meet again.

Flower, Sun, and Rain[edit]

Main article: Sumio Mondo

A different version of Sumio, using the surname Mondo, appears as the protagonist of Flower, Sun, and Rain. He takes the role of an amnesiac searcher contracted by an unknown source to stop a terrorist bombing on the Micronesian island of Lospass. The details of how Sumio was released (or escaped) from prison are unknown. However, Tokio Morishima alludes to Tetsugoro Kusabi's romantic feelings for Sumio Kodai and the fact that they "caused problems"; therefore, it can be inferred that Kusabi had some role in Sumio's release.

Ultimately, not only is it revealed that Sumio Mondo is in actuality Sumio Kodai, he is also revealed to be one of 16 cloned Mondo bodies originating from Eleki Island. Kodai specifically is one of 11 individuals who escaped the Eleki compound, known as the Eleven Children. The exact details of how Sumio and the other 10 children escaped from Eleki, as well as when these events take place chronologically in relation to the rest of Sumio's past, are unknown.

The ending text of the game reiterates Sumio's true identity: "The long day of Sumio Mondo has ended, and a new day for Sumio Kodai has started."


Following the events of Flower, Sun, and Rain, Sumio was re-integrated into the Heinous Crimes Unit, and worked on a number of cases. He and Kusabi investigated the "Hyena Shot" case, in which the imaginary hitman Genichiro Hara actually exists. The two eventually uncovered Hara's true identity. He later participated in the "Life & Money", "Animal Hunting", "Door Lock", "Angel X", and "Cut Doctor" cases.

The 25th Ward: The Silver Case[edit]

Investigating Kosuke Kurumizawa

In 2005 Sumio is once again working with the Heinous Crimes Unit despite the fact that he was in prison for terrorism. Sumio makes his first appearance in #03 boys don't cry in the midst of a cryptic discussion at the Harakiri Batting Center with Shinko Kuroyanagi. The two exchange pleasantries and threats before Kuroyanagi asks what Sumio knows about Kosuke Kurumizawa. Their conversation however is cut short. Sumio returns in the subsequent #04 digital man as the lead protaganist. Sumio is shown speaking with a strange young girl named Alice at a bus stop in the Ward 24. She declares that they have reached the "end of despair" and that she willing to talk to Sumio about his problems. Sumio quickly rebuffs her causing her to claim that he isn't very nice. Alice then begins to speak cryptically about Sumio's desire to see somebody he loves. She claims that he cannot see them unless he "beats" her. She subjects Sumio to a nonsense quiz in which the answer is a joke. Sumio fails to answer correctly only for Alice to tell him that it is time for his "Punishment". A bus arrives and Sumio boards it. He is then accosted by a bizarre monster that ominously teases and warns him against meeting Kurumizawa. The Monster declares that it is going to eat him all the way down to the bone. Sumio gets off the bus at another stop where he begins to have a conversation with a double of himself. The two Sumios have a crytpic discussion about Kurumizawa and Sumio states "The wind enters my body".

Sumio is then seen at the HCU Precinct with Sakura Natsume. The two seem to be investigating Kurumizawa and are watching a tape he sent to the HCU. The tape shows Kurumizawa with a bloodied knife looming over the corpse of a anachronistically dressed woman. Sakura notes the seeming artificiality of Kurumizawa while Sumio argues that both Kurumizawa and the girl are real. Sakura and Sumio deduce that the video was a challenge to find the location in which it was filmed. Sakura goes to interview an Observer while Sumio visits the same forensic lab from case #03 Parade. Sumio meets with Kira, and the two go over the footage of Kurumizawa. Kira confirms that the footage is in fact real and figures out the location on the tape.

Sumio is then shown continuing his conversation with Kuroyanagi. Kuroyanagi explains that her partner Mokutaro Shiroyabu has disappeared while hunting for Kurumizwa. Sumio agrees to help, Kuroyanagi asks if Kusabi is able to help as well but Sumio tells her that he is currently in America and will be gone for "a while". Sumio explains that crime in Ward 24 has changed into a formless invisible kind of crime. Sumio tells Kuroyanagi that Kurumizawa is an observer and warns her that going up against him will kill her. The conversation moves to the topic of Kamui, which Sumio says has now "Become an idea".

Sakura and Sumio arrive at Mansion no 20; the alleged location from the tape. Sumio follows his instincts and locates Kurumizawa in room D203. Kurumizawa appears to them on the balcony of the apartment in a distorted form resembling a TV image. Sumio asks Kurumizwa if what he is experiencing is in fact reality. Kurumizawa speaks cryptically and declares that he can see the world of the dead. Sumio begins to get frustrated at Kurumizawa's indirect answers to his questions. Kurumizawa explains that he is now on a higher level of existence and cannot bring himself down to Sumio's level. Sumio asks what he plans to observe next and Kurumizawa ominously answers "Your Life Weight". Sumio figures out that Kurumizawa has no physical form and attempts find out what he can see past his "observations". Kurumizwa simply replies "Hallelujah". The two detectives are dumbstruck and unable to fully comprehend what exactly had transpired. They find that the "corpse" was merely a mannequin and that Kurumizawa's thoughts changed it into a corpse. Sumio then proceeds to make contact with Kurumizawa.

Sumio is next seen at the Model House Sitting across from Ayame Shimohira. The two share vague pleasantries as he expresses his wishes to stay with her and leave everything else behind him. She however reminds him that she needs to pay her rent. It is unclear whether this meeting really happened or if Sumio was peeking into the Other Side using Kurumizawa's power. Sumio makes his final appearence interrupting the conversation Kurumizawa and Mokutaro Shiroyabu were having. He shoots Shiroyabu in the head and states "Kamui can fuck off."

Official profiles[edit]

Originally from the industrial city of Mikumo, Sumio was assigned to the Heinous Crimes Unit after graduating from the Central Police Academy. Since then he has served effectively as the backbone of the 24 Wards Police Department. He has a partnership with Kusabi and always likes to get into the heart of an investigation. He has a serious attitude and is above petty disagreements within the department over status and promotion, focusing only on preventing crimes and solving mysteries. His history suggests that he gave up the chance to make a bigger name for himself out of choice, though his real motives remain unclear (Official site profile)
The backbone of the 24 Wards HC Unit, he works investigations together with Kusabi. Not one to conform to nor conflict with the police force, he knows his place and puts all of his focus on crime. (case#1:decoyman profile)
Originates from the industrial town of Mikumo. After graduating from Central Police Academy, he worked in Ward 24. He has been incarcerated after committing a crime he believed was just. (Case #4.5 FACE profile)


  • It is highly possible that the man smoking in the Yukimura ransom tape is in fact Sumio.
  • The Mikumo Boys represent the Japanese maxim of the "three wise monkeys", origin of the proverb "see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil". The monkey who covers his ears is known as Kikazaru, a name shared with a character from killer7.
  • Sumio is shown to be prone to sudden bouts of explosive rage as seen in Decoyman if the player searches the same shelter twice or one that Sumio has already searched.


The Silver Case[edit]

Case#4.5: Face[edit]

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