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Sundance Shot is a character in the world of the Kill the Past games. He first appeared in the opening cutscene and manual of The Silver Case, made a more proper appearance in Flower, Sun, and Rain, and a cameo in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. He is also mentioned in The 25th Ward: The Silver Case, and originally would've made an appearance in killer7. He is a terrorist, who is the one placing the bomb on the plane each day during the events of Flower, Sun, and Rain.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Sundance has the appearance of a young man, although his exact age is unknown. He has long black hair in most appearances, however he is shown with greyish hair in the opening to Flower, Sun, and Rain. In The Silver Case, Sundance is shown wearing a trenchcoat, has light stubble, and has both eyes uncovered with pale irises. In Flower, Sun, and Rain, he wears a business suit, is clean shaven, and wears an eyepatch on his left eye.

In Travis Strikes Again, Travis Touchdown, estimates that Sundance must be 7 feet tall, which does not fit his previous appearances. It is possible that the Sundance shown in this game is using a different body.

Sundance describes himself as one who acts based on what he sees before him, and does not allow his ideology to be swayed by anyone. He is willing to carry out his plan, even if it means his own disappearance. However, he was still willing to make a pact with Toriko to spare Sumio Mondo. Sundance believes that all actions are predetermined by fate. Despite playing the role of the antagonist in Flower, Sun, and Rain to the point of shooting and (temporarily) killing Sumio, in the game's climax, he shows no hostility or even resistance to Sumio's actions.



Sundance is suggested to be one of the many clones of Sumio Mondo created in the Eleven Children project; however, the scene in which this is suggested is ambiguous. It is possible that Sundance Shot inhabits a Sumio body, but did not originate in one. At some point prior to 1999 he became the leader of the FSO.

Sundance shooting Sumio Mondo

Flower, Sun, and Rain[edit]

In order to prevent the destruction of Lospass Island, Sundance began thwarting a terrorist attack committed by Edo Macalister by moving his bomb from the airport onto an airplane, where it would detonate in the air. Because of this, Edo enlists the help of Sumio Mondo to counter Sundance and ensure the island's destruction. Sundance is first shown in Request 00: Welcome to the "Flower,Sun,and Rain", entering the bathroom stall at Lospass Airport. He later appeared in Request 01: Gymnopédie#1, on the fourth floor of the Flower, Sun, and Rain, where he was seen by Toriko Kusabi.

In Request 11: Clair de Lune, he appeared on the roof of the Flower, Sun, and Rain to shoot Mondo after he was led there by Sue Sding. Throughout the game, he has been tailed by Christina, who led Toriko to him atop the Business Tower lighthouse. She accuses him of being Kamui Uehara, although he claims to not know who she is referring to. In Request 12: I Got Rhythm, Toriko confronted him again on the roof of the hotel, where the two of them make a pact to spare Mondo's life if he can succeed in finding him. In Request 16: Pavane pour une infante défunte, he appeared to Mondo in his room and gave him clues that would lead him to the Ruin of Marmaleba, and eventually to Tokio Morishima in order to restore time on the island to normal.

In Request 18: An American in Paris, Sundance was finally confronted at the airport, where he disguised himself as Mondo in the airport bathroom. He is prevented from boarding the plane by agents Remy Fawzil and Yoshimitsu Koshimizu, who are disguised as airport employees. Toriko appears and tells him that the savior, a friend of her father, would be there soon to release him. Mondo arrives and verifies his own identity, which causes Sundance to unmask himself and concede. He reveals to Mondo that he is one of sixteen Sumio Mondos who lived out the previous days on Lospass Island, whose memories have now become part of Sumio Kodai. He instructs him to impart their memories to the final seed, Step Sding. He then allows Mondo to board the plane and escape as the island explodes.

Official profiles[edit]

A mysterious, eyepatch-wearing man who opposes Toriko.
A terrorist.
Place of Birth: Lospass Island


The Silver Case[edit]

Flower, Sun, and Rain[edit]


Travis Strikes Again[edit]

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