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Tomonori Furuya, also known as Oldman, is a character in The Silver Case. He is a user of Kamui Net that becomes a hacker to surpass Kamui Uehara.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Furuya appears to be a timid and anti-social young man, with little social life outside of the internet. In reality Furuya has a god complex, and secretly wishes to change the world through the power of the Internet. While he idolizes Kamui, this created a resentment towards him and Furuya wished to surpass him in scale. After the launch of Method Tank, Furuya changed his demeanor and appearance significantly, speaking in cryptic terms and fully embracing his status as a revolutionary.


Furuya was a user of Kamui Net under the username oldman. He lived alone with his mother, who was often away at work. He frequented the online chatrooms where he discussed his resentment for his mother and the power of the internet. He eventually discovered Kamui Net and the history of Kamui Uehara, who he came to idolize. On August 23rd, 1999, he antagonized the users in the Kamui Net chatroom, who threatened to find his address and kill him. His online friend Neutral warned him to be careful. On August 26th, Furuya used his hacking skills to destroy Kamui Net, leaving the message "Get out" for anyone who accessed it. Neutral criticized him over email, saying he just wants to become a dictator. Neutral warned that he had angered the users of Kamui Net and that they would come after him. Over the next two days, he became paranoid and remained holed up in his apartment. On August 28th, he answered his door expecting to be attacked, but instead found that Neutral had visited him. Neutral was really a girl named Nakama, and the two had been watching eachother, believing they were connected by fate. The two embraced and had sex. Nakama told him that she believed he was special, and that he would "become the moon" and surpass Kamui. After this the two radically altered their appearances, and became revolutionaries under their aliases "Oldman" and "Neutral". They launched a website called Method Tank, and planned to release a next-generation OS to connect the entire world over the Internet. They made an announcement to the media, saying they would change the world on "9/9/1999". On September 9th, the countdown on the website ended, and Ward 24 experienced a blackout.

After the fact, Ryu Munakata said that he dished out punishment to Furuya and Nakama, implying that the government cracked down on Method Tank and they were arrested. The impact of Method Tank didn't last for long, since according to Tokio Morishima, it had become a thing of the past by New Year's Eve of 1999. As if to punish the Method Tank rebellion, Kamui became active again and escaped captivity.


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