Uminosuke Hachisuka

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Uminosuke Hachisuka
Other names Kaoru Hachisuka, Nazo
Nationality Japanese
Family Kaoru Hachisuka (son),
Tokio Morishima (grandson),
Chizuru Hachisuka (granddaughter)
Occupation Mayor
Affiliation TRO, CCO
Status Deceased
First appearance report*5:HIKARI

Uminosuke Hachisuka is a character in The Silver Case. He is the mayor of Ward 24, having killed and stolen the identity of his son Kaoru Hachisuka. He is one of the main antagonists of the game, and plays a key role in the titular Silver Case.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Uminosuke remains unseen in the game, only appearing as a silhouette. He is described as an ageless young man, presumably identical to his son, as a result of the immortality granted to him by his silver eye.

He is an evil person, only concerned with gaining power. He seems to have no regard for his family, murdering his own son and subjecting his grandchildren to experiments just to further his goals. He also paticipated in the genocide of the Sundance Tribe.



Uminosuke Hachisuka was one of the ten high-ranking members of the TRO/CCO Alliance. In March of 1979, Kamui Uehara appeared in front of the members in the TV Tower after having murdered the Alliance's chairman Ginji Nakane. Uminosuke and the others killed Kamui and removed his silver eye, and then fought eachother to the death. Uminosuke was the last one remaining, and gouged out his own eye before replacing it with Kamui's, causing him to instantly regain his youth. He saw Tetsugoro Kusabi, who had witnessed the entire event. The two laughed, before Kusabi shot Uminosuke. Uminosuke survived this thanks to his newly granted immortality.

After this point, Uminosuke murdered and stole the identity of his own son, Kaoru Hachisuka, taking his place as the mayor of Ward 24. Around the same time, he travelled to Kamui's homeland of Lospass Island, hoping to find the secret behind the silver eyes. A mass-killing of the island's native Sundance Tribe occurred, and the research facility at Eleki Island was established. A large number of the tribe's hyenas were stolen, and the island was remodeled into a resort with a secret manufacturing plant underneath.

Uminosuke later participated in the Shelter Kids Policy, an attempt to create obedient citizens using Kamui as the "format". This operation was also intended to create more hosts for silver eyes. Uminosuke entered his two young grandchildren, Chizuru Hachisuka and Tokio Morishima into the program. Chizuru was the very first to be tested for potential as Ayame Stock. Tokio showed promise as Kamui Stock at first, but eventually failed and was expelled from the program. While the experiment as a whole found many suitable candidates, it failed to produce an actual silver eye.

Over the years Uminosuke continued to serve as the mayor, overseeing the development of the city under Nezu. He entered his fifth term in 1999.

The Silver Case[edit]

Uminosuke continued to serve as the mayor throughout the events of The Silver Case, remaining mostly in the background. In report*5:HIKARI, he spoke to Tokio, telling him about his past as a Shelter Kid, and the origin of Ward 24's city planning. He asked Tokio to kill Akira, who was to become the new host for Kamui after the recent death of Kamui Fujiwara. Tokio refused, and instead killed Uminosuke, possibly while possessed by Kamui. The silver eye was stolen from his body by Tokio, killing him permanently. The death was later investigated by Kusabi, alongside Sakura Natsume and Michiru Kosaka. It is unknown if anything resulted from this.


  • Uminosuke's dialogue is listed with the name "Nazo" in the files, meaning "mystery".
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