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The United Assassins Association is an organization of assassins and representatives operating out of Santa Destroy in the No More Heroes series. Although nominally a club for the top assassins in America, in reality it is more of a local money-making organization based around making its members compete in combat over ranks on a leaderboard.


The United Assassins Association operated for some years prior to the events of No More Heroes. Some assassins like Bad Girl entered the world of assassination and thus the rankings through shadow headhunters such as Greco. Some years back, when Travis Touchdown was living in Tokyo, mysterious goons who Sylvia Christel claimed to be UAA agents ransacked Travis' favorite record store. This incident raises some questions about the UAA.

Despite presenting herself as merely a representative, Sylvia Christel is suggested to actually be the leader of the UAA. In No More Heroes, she recruited Travis into the rankings under the promise of sex and revenge, and it is suggested she had previously recruited the other assassins in some similar way. According to Mrs. Christel, the entire point of the UAA was merely for Sylvia to make money off of people killing eachother. This money came from both the ranking fees assassins had to pay as well as selling underground video tapes of the matches.

Between No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2, significant urban development came to Santa Destroy and the assassination business boomed in the wake of Travis' previous actions. As such, the UAA was treated as a much more legitimate operation, with fights being shown on television as well as displaying significantly more resources. However, after going through the events of this game, Travis swears to take down the UAA, though any followup on this is not shown on-screen.

In No More Heroes III, when the Galactic Superhero Rankings invade, Sylvia controls the situation by putting it into the structure of the UAA, ranking the aliens on the UAA leaderboard.


Assassin rankings pre-2007[edit]

Assassin rankings circa 2007[edit]

Rank Assassin Stipulation fee (LB$) Extreme Murder Battle Stage
1 Dark Star 550,000 Kill Star Castle
2 Bad Girl 500,000 Stadium Basement
3 Speed Buster 450,000 Speed City
4 Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarrskii 400,000 Bow and Arrow Theatre
5 Letz Shake 350,000 Highway outside Senton Splash Tunnel
6 Holly Summers 300,000 Body Slam Beach
7 Destroyman 250,000 Bear Hug Studio
8 Shinobu 200,000 Abandoned schoolhouse at Santa Destroy High School
9 Dr. Peace 150,000 Destroy Stadium
10 Death Metal Free Townsend Residence
11 Helter-Skelter Free Rooftop
Travis Touchdown N/A N/A
Behind Travis Unnamed assassin N/A N/A

Assassin rankings circa 2010[edit]

Rank Assassin Extreme Murder Battle Stage
1 Jasper Batt Jr. Destroy Central Plaza
2 Alice Twilight Housing complex
3 Vladimir Taktarov Rolling Cradle Highway
4 Margaret Moonlight Guan's
5-6 (?) Scott Gardner, Greg Cantrell and Massimo Bellini Unknown location
7 Ryuji Iron Claw Point
8 New Destroyman Abandoned Warehouse
9 Million Gunman Santa Destroy Bank
10 Dr. Letz Shake Destroy Stadium basement
11-22 Unknown Destroy Stadium basement
23 Cloe Walsh Prison Island
24 Matt Helms Graveyard
25 Charlie Macdonald Destroy University
26-49 Charlie Macdonald's cheerleaders Destroy University
50 Nathan Copeland Destroy Resort
51 Skelter Helter Rooftop
Travis Touchdown N/A
Behind Travis Kimmy Howell N/A (fought at Destroy University)

Assassin rankings circa 2021[edit]

Rank Assassin
1 FU (Jess-Baptiste VI)
2 Paradox Bandit
3 Sonic Juice
4 Sniping Lee
5 Midori Midorikawa
6 Velvet Chair Girl
7 Vanishing Point
8 Black Night Direction
9 Gold Joe
10 Mr. Blackhole
11 Travis Touchdown