Yasushi Kamijo

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Yasushi Kamijo
Other names GLG, Good Looking Guy, Kamijou
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Diver
Affiliation Postal Federation
Status Alive
First appearance #02 good looking guy

Yasushi Kamijo is a character in The 25th Ward: The Silver Case. He was the first diver for the Postal Federation. He

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Kamijo is a middle-aged man who is said to be very handsome. He feels extreme guilt for his actions as a diver, and tries to expose the truth. He is a fan of tabletop board games, and uses his ability to organize games to set up his lengthy plan. He is also an exhibitionist, and often participates in sex chats with women and enjoys being watched while doing so. He has a peculiar relationship with Machiko, wishing to come home to and live together with her, but never being physical.



Kamijo was the first diver in the Postal Federation. He was trained by Yabukawa, who erased his identity and honed him into a killing machine. As a diver he worked as a "claims processor", murdering civilians who submitted minor complaints towards the postal service, including three women, giving him a legendary status within the company. With the vast funds he acquired from his work, he bought Machiko, and entered a "lodging contract" with her. He started to feel guilt for his actions, and formulated a plan to expose the truth while faking his own death to avoid his past being covered up.

The 25th Ward[edit]

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Official profiles[edit]

After the incident in the highrise apartment complex, he went to a café where he committed suicide by ingesting poison, causing him to vomit copious amounts of blood. A key was found inside his stomach, and the Heinous Crimes Unit is struggling to find the location of the lock for which it is meant to be used. (Official site profile)


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