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Yoshimitsu Koshimizu is a character in Flower, Sun, and Rain and The 25th Ward: The Silver Case. He is a federal investigator and member of the Heinous Crimes Unit.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Yoshimitsu is a very logical and straight-forward person, often coming off as rude and unkind to those unfamiliar with him. With his coworkers, he has a somewhat cold and sarcastic attitude, but cares deeply for them. Due to his logical nature, he has a hard time understanding some of the more mystical elements of cases.

He has a close relationship with his partner Remy Fawzil, and looks after her to help her maintain her paranoia. He is seemingly fully aware of his own past, and the fact that Remy had lost her memories of it. He may also recognize Sumio Mondo's true identity, since he knew him as a child, and was close to the HCU before the events of The Silver Case.



Koshimizu is one of the Eleven Children who grew up under Eleki Island. At some point after escaping, he joined the Heinous Crimes Unit, and was tutored by Morichika Nakategawa. He became part of the investigation into the trafficking of children for the Euro Maspro project, and tracking down the terrorist Sundance Shot.

Flower, Sun, and Rain[edit]

In Request 12: I Got Rhythm, Koshimizu arrives on Lospass Island with his partner Remy to investigate the supposed terrorist attack and the death of Sumio Mondo. Upon arrival, he notices Step Sding running with Catherine, but decides not to pursue. He was skeptical of whether terrorists would really target the island, and believed the case may go deeper than it appears. After the pair meet with Edo Macalister, Step becomes a suspect. Koshimizu follows Step while Remy remains at the hotel. He apprehends Step inside of the Spice Shop, and is contacted by Remy to learn that this Step is actually a stock body and living bomb. He manages to narrowly escape the explosion.

In Request 13: La fille aux cheveux de lin, he is contacted by Remy with the discovery that Lospass Island is Euro Maspro's base of operations. He stays behind at the hotel to search for the terrorists while Remy heads to Eleki Island to uncover their base.

In Request 14: Träumerei, he meets the revived Mondo outside of the shopping centre. He informs him that Catherine was flung farther down the road by the explosion. He tries to make Mondo remember his past as one of the Eleven Children, but is unsuccessful.

In Request 18: An American in Paris, Remy and Koshimizu stop Sundance from boarding the plane disguised as Mondo. Toriko Kusabi appears and tells him that the savior, a friend of her father, would be there soon to release him. Mondo arrives and verifies his own identity, which causes Sundance to unmask himself and concede. He reveals to Mondo that he is one of sixteen Sumio Mondos who lived out the previous days on Lospass Island, whose memories have now become part of Sumio Kodai. He instructs him to impart their memories to the final seed, Step Sding. Remy and Koshimizu are confused by this, but allow Mondo to escape while they keep the other bodies captive.

The 25th Ward: The Silver Case[edit]

By 2005, Koshimizu had continued work with the 24th Ward Heinous Crime Unit on various cases. He joined the newly reawakened Sumio in pursuing the observer Kosuke Kurumizawa. He and Chiruko Takahashi find the location that Kurumizawa performs observations from, the Rental Warehouse in the 24th Ward. Inside, Kurumizwa's body was found, which Chiruko called a "tape". Koshimizu was confused by this concept. The two then headed to Starbucks at Chiruko's request.

At the 24th Precinct, the pair study a photograph of Kurumizawa in which he appears to be made of polygons. Chiruko explains that this is a real photo of Kurumizawa's composite body. Koshimizu is unable to understand the situation in the slightest, but goes along with what she is saying. Chiruko warns that the HC Unit will fight an invisible opponent, and that Sumio has come into alignment with Kurumizawa.

Official profiles[edit]

Aims to bring an end to all violent crime, but relies mainly on guesswork
Occupation: Federation Investigator
Place of Birth: Far East


  • While Koshimizu is confirmed to be one of the Eleven Children, his stock bodies are never explicitly shown. Sundance MIC may be his stock body, due to it not being assigned to a specific character, and having similar color scheme both in-game and in their artwork.
  • Yoshimitsu is unique in being one of the few characters the player controls other than Sumio Mondo, the others being Toriko Kusabi and Remy Fawzil.


Flower, Sun, and Rain[edit]

The 25th Ward: The Silver Case[edit]

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