Yuuri Otowaya

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Yuuri Otowaya
Yuuri art.png
Other names Yuri Otowaya
Nationality Japanese
Family Seiji Fujieda (husband)
Occupation Part-Timer
Status Alive
First appearance Request 08: Ave Maria

Yuuri Otowaya is a character in Flower, Sun, and Rain. She is engaged to Seiji Fujieda and asks Sumio Mondo to find out why Seiji is so distant.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Yuuri is a young woman with short brown hair and a black dress. She loves her fiancé, and her main goal in life is to be happy with him forever. She is somewhat blunt and set in her ways, and prefers that things happen exactly the way she planned them. She becomes depressed when Seiji starts to act distant.



Yuuri was one of 1,440 girls chosen to be raised to be an "Ayame copy" as part of the Shelter Kids Policy. After her time in the Shelter, she was placed in an orphanage where she met a fellow Shelter Kid, Seiji Fujieda. As children she and Seiji swore that they would become the happiest people in the world. Some time later, they became engaged. Yuuri wanted to have their wedding in a church so that they would always remember it.

Flower, Sun, and Rain[edit]

Yuuri appears in Request 08: Ave Maria, visiting Lospass Island for the wedding. After arriving, Seiji became distant, and asked to be left alone in the church. Yuuri became depressed and sat outside, when she was approached by Sumio Mondo. After telling him about her problem, she asked Mondo to help. After Mondo restored Seiji's confidence by tuning the church's organ, Yuuri thanked him outside the church. Mondo mentioned that Seiji invited him to the wedding, but Yuuri rejected this idea since the wedding should only be between the two of them. Yuuri told Mondo about her past as a Shelter Kid as the plane exploded overhead.

During the wedding, the couple met Toriko Kusabi while she was following Christina. She congratulated them on getting married.

Official profiles[edit]

Engaged to her childhood sweetheart, Seiji.
Occupation: Part-Timer
Place of Birth: Shelter


  • According to the Flower, Sun, and Rain Official Fanbook, Yuuri and Seiji may have actually come from the "Shelter" on Eleki Island, making them part of the Eleven Children.


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