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All Suda51/Grasshopper/Kill the Past works that have yet to be translated, including less important stuff for thoroughness.


Also all manuals for these games as well

Canon important[edit]

  • Twilight Syndrome: Search (subbed playthrough exists)
  • Twilight Syndrome: Investigation (subbed playthrough exists)
  • Moonlight Syndrome

Not so important probably[edit]

  • Super Fire Pro Wrestling III
  • Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special
  • Blood+ One Night Kiss
  • Evangelion: 3nd Impact (does this game even have any text of interest?)
  • Liberation Maiden SIN

Text stories[edit]

  • killer7: killer is dead (republished in Suda51 Complete Book)
  • placebo prequel
  • One Island, One Resort, and One More Episode (in Water ~For Relaxing Time~ OST booklet)
  • Past killing to future killing (from UAA Ranking Bible, also includes an interview with Travis, possibly other things but mostly just a walkthrough)
  • Makkana Onnanoko
  • 予兆 and 輪廻 in Complete Data File Moonlight Syndrome Analysis Document
  • Possible content in other Syndrome books (they made a lot of those)

Interview stuff[edit]

  • All other content from Suda51 Complete Book, excepting Fatal Frame IV stuff which has been translated by FFTranslations. This includes lots of interviews and comments, as well as unused scenario drafts for SotD and KiD.
  • Analysis and Q+A from old official sites (TSC, FSR (gpara), FSR (ghm)) (timeline on the TSC site has already been officially translated on the HD site)
  • Likely plot comments in the real life Lospass book
  • Possibly text from that Silver Case promotional booklet...? I know some of it was reused on HD site, not sure how much else is there
  • Non-GhM interviews and a few miscellaneous things from Hand in killer7 (Smile descriptions, Handsome Men song lyrics)
  • All other OST booklets (usually just track comments from Takada)
  • Behind-the-scenes/interview stuff in Twilight Syndrome the Memorize I guess