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Tubbs Balboa is a character who appears in Flower, Sun, and Rain. He is a member of the famous Balboa Brothers comedy duo with Sonny Balboa, and a guest at the Hotel Flower, Sun, and Rain.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Tubbs is described as the "fast-talking" brother of the "muscle-headed" Sonny. He's the more emotional of the pair, and Sonny often has to calm him down. He is very serious about acting, and cannot do so unless he has his afro wig. After the death of Sayaka Baian, he was greatly saddened.



Tubbs Balboa is a member of the famous American comedy duo, the Balboa Brothers, alongside Sonny Balboa. The two began as unsuccessful action stars, appearing in a minor role of the film Indochine Syndrome as a pair of kung-fu fighters. In 1998, they found their first real success with the joint US/Kanto production A Front Line in Louisiana. Tubbs starred as a middle-aged man who stayed in his room in Louisiana for years, until he fell in love with a woman he saw on TV, played by Sayaka Baian. He decides to leave his room, and gets a janitorial job at the TV station, before discovering she was really a virtual model puppeted by a CG programmer, played by Sonny. The film was originally intended as a drama, but the brothers' acting style turned it into a successful comedy. Between the film's completion and release, Baian committed suicide, which greatly saddened the brothers. The two were later interviewed about their career for the Lospass Guidebook, during which Tubbs broke down crying while speaking of Baian's suicide.

Flower, Sun, and Rain[edit]

In 2001, the brothers travelled to Lospass Island to stay at the Hotel Flower, Sun, and Rain. They reached the island by boat, using the Croak Croak Frog setting of their "∞ System" speakers. After performing a film stunt and riding over a wave, Tubb's afro wig was lost at sea. Upon reaching the hotel, they realized their reservations had been made under their screen names, and were unable to prove their identity without the wig. Sumio Mondo happened to be staying at the hotel, and was forced to help the two if he wished to head to the airport. He acquired a mop head to use as a wig, and returned their speakers to a normal size, helping the brothers prove their identity to Edo Macalister. The two thanked Mondo by offering him their autograph, which he asked to be given to Edo instead. After this, the airplane exploded outside.

Later their autograph was seen by Toriko Kusabi, which Edo proudly displayed on the inside of the hotel's front door.

Official profiles[edit]

One of the Balboa brothers.
Can speak super fast.
Occupation: Comedy Film Actor.
Place of Birth: America


  • Tubbs and Sonny's names are based on the characters Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs and James "Sonny" Crockett from the American crime drama series Miami Vice.


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