Mokutaro Shiroyabu

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Mokutaro Shiroyabu
Other names Mokutaro Shimohira, Jaburo, Jabroni
Age Older than 24 (25W)
Nationality Japanese
Family Format Kamui (father)
"Mother" (suggested to be adoptive)
Siblings (presumably adopted)
Occupation Detective
Affiliation 25th Ward Heinous Crimes Unit
Central Police Department (former)
Weapon Gun
Status Alive
First appearance #01 new world order
case#25:whiteout prologue (retroactively)

Mokutaro Shiroyabu is a detective of the 25th Ward Heinous Crimes Unit and one of the central characters of the Correctness storypoint of The 25th Ward: The Silver Case. He also appears in case#25:whiteout prologue of the 2017 edition of The Silver Case.


Shiroyabu is a reckless and overconfident cop. As a Central Police Department officer, he shows enthusiasm to the concept of dying in the line of duty, tries to shoot Akira based on presumption and shows fanboyism towards Tetsugoro Kusabi. As an HC Unit detective, he is considerably more competent; however, he is still prone to recklessness and is frequently berated by his partner, Shinko Kuroyanagi. When left on his own devices in #03 boys don't cry, he acts unnecessarily aggressive and violent towards both his enemies and civilians.

After death-filing and being "overpowered" by Kosuke Kurumizawa, Shiro mellows out considerably and begins carefully planning out his actions. He gains an existential awareness of Kamui Uehara and his own past selves. He is still dangerous, however, and has to be talked down from this state by Kuroyanagi. Shiro has a vindictive attitude towards crime and Kamui, and feels the need to kill anyone who he believes to be Kamui, even after the events of The 25th Ward.



Shiroyabu is the son of Format Kamui and a woman, presumably the source of his true name, Shimohira. He was presumably brought up in a controlled environment, and cloned many times to create stock bodies similar to those of the Eleven Children, if he is not in fact one of the Eleven himself. As a young man he lived in the country with a mother of unknown identity and three siblings. At some point he became obsessed with the Silver Case and Tetsugoro Kusabi, and sent requests to join the Heinous Crimes Unit. Eventually he was scouted for the police force in the wards.


In 2003 (in case#25:whiteout prologue and its completed counterpart #06 white out), Shiroyabu had been hired for the Central Police Department in the 24th Ward. As one of his first jobs, Shiroyabu received orders to assassinate the final member of TRUMP: Joker. In doing so he encountered Akira in the Shelter, immediately confusing him for the Joker. Before he could shoot Akira (who, being mute, was unable to answer Shiro's accusations), Tetsugoro Kusabi appeared and shot Shiro in the left ear. Kusabi made Shiro work together with Akira to find the Joker.

After a complicated investigation, the two cornered the Joker at the Hachisuka Dome. When they went in to take him down, Shiro's memories began flowing backwards as the Joker prepared to kill himself. After the Joker was knocked to the floor, Shiro realized that the Joker was in fact one of his own stock bodies. The narrative abruptly cuts to Shiro himself apparently having been killed by Michiru Kosaka. Kusabi then hands Shiro off to Hatoba, who assigns him as Kuroyanagi's partner.

The 25th Ward[edit]

Between 2003 and 2005, Shiro worked for the 25th Ward Heinous Crimes Unit. He lost at least one partner, apparently having been paired up with other detectives when not working with Kuro. At some point in his police career, he also had a mentor-and-student relationship with Ryu Munakata, who taught him the secrets of death-filing.

By the time of #01 new world order, he was partnered with Sakaki, investigating the death of Milu Yuzuki in the Bayside TowerLand apartment complex. During this investigation, Sakaki was killed by one of the Postal Federation's deliverymen going berserk, and a bloody shootout ensued. Shiro, Kuro and new recruit Uehara also investigated the mysterious death of Yasushi Kamijo. After this, he was set off on his own by Kuro to investigate the truth behind Kosuke Kurumizawa. When left to his own devices, not only did he violently kill civilians and deliverymen alike, he was also targeted by the Okiai hitmen. He gradually spun further out of control while being simultaneously strung along a path by the hitmen that resulted in him death-filing and coming into a confrontation with Kurumizawa at the Alternative Batting Center.

Travis Strikes Back[edit]

Shiroyabu appeared in #4: Modern Observation when Travis Touchdown visited the 0 Ward. Shiroyabu encountered Travis with a gun, accusing him of being Kamui. Travis quickly knocked Shiro out with his Suplex wrestling skills, and he was left to Chillko to take care of.

Official profiles[edit]

Pursues perpetrators of violent crimes in the 25th Ward, where "crime is infectious". Rookie detective known by the nickname "Jabroni". Originally stationed at a smaller local precinct in the countryside. (Official site profile)

Behind the scenes[edit]

Shiro's nickname in the English version, "Jabroni", is a wrestling term based on "jobber", which describes a wrestler whose role is to deliberately lose matches. Shiro is indeed set up to lose to others both by the characters in the story (to Kurumizawa) as well as by the narrative itself (to Travis). His Japanese nickname, "Jaburo", is a more specific reference to the headquarters of the Earth Federation in the Gundam Universal Century setting. In the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime, Jaburo is where the mass-produced Gundams were first deployed.



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